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Thread: would you date any of the guests of ph in real life?

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    Sadly, I'd probably end up dating one of the hotel staff. Like, the dishwasher or something.

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    I would say either Beau or Keith,they both seem like cool guys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bflysoul
    I would say either Beau or Keith,they both seem like cool guys.

    Yes Beau without a doubt handsome and sweet....ah

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    You're right. I am comfortable enough in my masculinity to say that if I were a girl... I would definitely date Beau.

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    i would date keith. he is soooo hot and tom....if he left the monkey at home. i think he is cute too. maybe dave cause he seems so nice. and i would love to hang out with charla, scott and beau....i use to like zach and amy but they are such asses now.

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    I would date Dave. I'm definitely a "looks aren't everything" kind of gal. The way he'd order comfort foods for Charla was super chivalrous, and he has a heart bigger n' Texas. If I were single and cute, I'd look him up. I hope that a beautiful woman took note of Dave's utter sweetness, and is begging for his affections.

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    I would definetly date Keith ofcourse...Looks like he was brought up very well.He's cute and he got personality. Unlike the other @$$hole that got nothing but looks, although that fades away quickly with the dull personality. But seems as though Keith is brought up with allot of respect for others and I admire that.

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    I also think Dave would be a great boyfriend, although I wouldn't be interested in him for purely superficial reasons.

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    Okay, I'll probably take some heat for this but here goes. Dare I say that everyone's bad side has been exagerated on the show, and many of them may some redeming qualities out in the real world. Although I agree that no amount of editing could make Zack or Toni look good because there isn't much to work with. Beau may be a decent guy outside the circumstances, I would say that Scott and Tom fall into this category as well. I have'nt seen them verbaly attack anyone (correct me if I'm wrong) so I would probably go out with any of those three. Of course I would date Keith, he's the total package as far as I'm concerned, Beauty, Brains and Braun. As for Dave, I really wish I could say that I would date him cause I think he's a great person and he seems to have his act together. But, alas I am somewhat shallow and cannot date some one if there is no physical attraction, and well.... there is none. As far as Andon goes, there may be something really wrong with me cause at first I thought he was hot. Now I think he's a social reject but if I had never seen him on the show I would probably say yes to a date. Alex seems to be almost as big a punk as Zack as far as I can tell so he's a definite no. And well as for Matt, I never liked John Travolta.

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    I would say Keith but (dare I say it?) he's a little young for me. I think Scott is probably a decent person to date in real life. The only thing he's done on the show to make me question him is to date Holly, who seems too dumb and self-centered ("I dont' want Playboy to do the 'Women of Paradise', just 'Holly of Paradise' ") to be tolerable by any normal, intelligent guy for more than 3 weeks, no matter how good her breasts look.

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