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Thread: Paradise Hotel: 8/18 - Once More Into The Breach

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill_in_PDX
    Paradise Hotel
    8/18 Episode Recap


    She is flirting with Keith, who is more than happy to play the game. He is flirting back, but at the same time, teasing, Charla. It is obvious who is winning, and it is the human who has mastered basic tools, like zippers.

    Finally, Charla goes to the “my ex-boyfriend has bigger feet than you do” card, while flashing his picture around. They end up wrestling on the bed, and of course, breaking the picture frame of Charla’s ex-boyfriend. I suppose there is some symbolism there, but after the Henry V reference, I am all burned out.


    If Bill wrote a book about life, I'd read it.

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