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Thread: 8/18 PH SHOW DISCUSSION *Spoilers*

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    Quote Originally Posted by JR.
    I'd like to "crown" a few with a 2x4
    Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.

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    It just seems a bit of a leap from the chef though.

    Dave says she wants steak fried in butter and mushrooms and the chef say "oh, in batter?"

    Uh no, that's not what he said is it ,chef?
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    when I think of "fried steak" I think of "chicken fried steak" which, yes, is battered like if KFC had "steak"

    Not something I usually eat, but still quite common.
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    Fluff, your making me laugh.

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    -It's a good thing they didn't go overboard with Amy as I thought they were going to. She made me homicidal with her little cry party. I mean, sheesh-what would some of us working stiffs give to spend seven and a half years (or perhaps it just seems like she's been whining that long...) in a great place with no worries about food or money? Aw. Poor Amy.

    -Amy's not a drama queen? IN MY PANTS!

    -Dave said "Game On" in the tennis game. I laughed.

    -Until the very end nerd moment about politics, I was ready to call Fox and tell them I'd go to PH and give Dave some comfort, so to speak. How sweet of him to try and make Charla feel better (even though he kinda bumbled it, it's the thought that counts) even after she insulted him. Nah. I'll take that back. I'd still go. He deserves some positive female attention. Geeks unite!

    -Seriously, and I say this from a professional point of view, it looks like Charla's bipolar. To me, it looks like she just hit her low mark...which is usually accompanied by sleep, insulting people you don't mean to, and lack of desire to be social or care about anything. I was really annoyed with her until I realized what I was seeing. Get that girl some medication.

    -I'm thus far really blah on Desiree. I could be wrong.

    -I know this is a game and all, but why can't anyone go into this thing thinking-Hey! A week paid vacation!

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    Oh, and Chicken Fried Steak? It's darned tasty. But if I were a chef, I would not think fried in butter and mushrooms meant battered. What a...wait. I think that Chef belongs on The Restaurant.

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    Oh, and I also forgot...

    Maybe Charla's been sneaking peeks at the TV show feeds and she's as annoyed and tired of these people as we are.

    And Desiree was in bed with Smokey at the end. Eeep! I hope he regularly washes that thing...as fond as he is of it.

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    Haha. Guess the chef took wrong directions and arrived at the wrong set.

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    Who? Desiree?

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    Is it just me or does that thug wanna-be Tara have a really bad weave?

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