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Thread: New Guest Tonight

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    Quote Originally Posted by melpepinla
    I like Desiree so far as well. I was a little sad that they didn't pick Lauren at first - boy oh boy did she look CRUSHED - but Des was a good pick. I think that either girl, Des or Lauren, would've given the rest of the ladies a run for their money. I just hope that Desiree makes the ladies regret their decision to pick her. Go Des with your "I came here to win" attitude! A female version of Keith!
    Yes Mel I definetly agree with Des whole I came to win attitude...Tom as a roomate. heehee I seriously would of never guessed that one. OH sure both women would of been great for a new guess Des and Lauren. Lauren was the girl that went against Tara. It's funny that Tara was the one that asked Lauren the ? that Ticked off "I'm not a drama queen" Amy. I'm kinda sick of that chick..."I miss Zack" "It's all Keith's fault" "I'm gonna make the rest of you're time here a living hell" ofcourse my favorite "Do you not see me still standing here infront of you're face?" get over it. Zack probally already have a new girlfriend.

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    I know my drama queens, y'know. I have to use this theatre degree somehow.

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