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Thread: Ratings?

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    I'm in Toronto, PH is shown on "CH", the Hamilton based sister channel to Global.

    If I had to choose between the two, I'd ditch BB4.
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    I am so with you on that Fluff! I'd give up BB way before PH.. but luckily I dont have to choose.

    PH is on at 9pm on FOX opposite BB on CBS
    on CH PH is on at 9pm with BB following at 10pm... we dont miss a thing aren't we lucky?
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    For all that I've heard that Fox was cutting it short because they didn't want the rating to fall during the sport season or something liket that. Which was kinda weird cause that's when allot of the other station are airing their new shows like Temptation Island and stuff.

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    Calgary's the same thing.

    A-channel is our provider of paradise hotel and a CBS affiliate shows BB4 an hour before PH.

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