I have seen most of the epsiode for this show(other then the one that appeared when BB4 started and boy do i regret that). The one thing i must say that makes this show so great is the fantastic editing the show has.

I really didn't realise this till a couple weeks ago but, i just love whenever something happens and all of a sudden they have this wierd sound effect pop up with a close up of the contestants face with a worried, angry, suprised, etc. expression on it.

This really adds to the drama of the show and might even give the viewing audience at home an idea that things are worse then it actually is because we beleive what we see. Doesn't anybody else notice when the do the face closeups with sound effects too and laugh whenever you see it? You might want to put that in any drinking games you have

Another great feature is that 1 minute video they use at the beginning of each show, although it's the same thing every time i just love when Charla goes, "it's bad here.......but you never want to leave" or Beau says, "i think the game is playing us". It is really a good drawing card to the casual viewer who might catch it for the first time to make people think what happens in Paradise has any relative significance.