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Thread: In the beginning, who was your favorite?

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    Honestly, I liked Amy the most in the beginning, because she seemed more like a tom-boy than a beauty queen. But damn if I can't stand her now. What a brat!

    I also immediately like Beau, can't resist that smile!

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    I love monkeys
    At first I likes Amy, Charla and Beau, I thought Amy seemed sweet, Charla seemed sweet and cute and Beau seemed like mr. Sensitive- Now I like Charla and Tom best, Amy is a lame B*tch, Beau was psycho- bad exit!!

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    From The First Episode!

    Charla Was My Favourite and well still now she is my favourite and after the last episode on monday she will still be my favourite

    Ehm of the guys, well only Beau cause he seemed to be nice towards everyone :rolleyes but well how wrong was i about him :rolleyes

    Now i will say that Charla and Tara are huge favourites of mine!
    And the are Hot!! The sexiest women of Paradise those two for sure!

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    Beau and Alex!!!

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    Did Beau have some sort of lisp?

    I liked Alex, even though he was dumb!

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