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Thread: In the beginning, who was your favorite?

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    THEN -
    Girls: Kristin - looked cute and innocent
    Boys: Beau - because most down to earth and Alex - was there just to get action

    NOW -
    Girls: Tara - she just wants to have fun
    Boys: Keith - he blew up the originals and that took some guts...he also paid the price...BIG TIME

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    Quote Originally Posted by nipsters
    Why Holly and Tom?
    Based on the editing of the show...

    Holly 'cuz so far, she seems like a nice person and hasn't backstabbed anybody...yet?

    Tom: for the same reasons as Holly and also because he's :monkeybut's
    best friend!

    And why are you questioning me individually?

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    Playin' Fair VectorWega's Avatar
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    At the beginning of the show I probably liked Amanda and Beau the best. Beau seemed like a real stand up guy, and seemed to be a real nice guy. However, as the show went on he became more and more annoying. I don't think I could handle being around him. Also, Amy seemed cool (a bit dumb..but cool) in the beginning. I was mistaken big time about her!

    Now, I would say Tom and Keith. As for the girls, the only one that has potential is Desiree. She seems cool and down to earth. However, out of the rest there's not one girl on this show that I would want to associate with outside of the house. Charla is stuck up. Tara is a mega-slut. Amy is a mega-b#@$, and I have a feeling that Holly is a combination of all three.

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    OOOOOOO SPARKLEY mischief4911's Avatar
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    My favorites In the beginning were Charla and Scott

    Now they are Charla and Keith

    Amy almost worked herself into the I can tolerate her part of my brain a couple of times, but each time she ruined it by opening her mouth again.

    Holly seems to still not have a clue about what is going on, and I agree with Vector I think she is stuckup/b**chy/slutty.

    I think if Keith and Charla don't win for some reason that I would like to see Tom and Desiree win.

    "We make a living from what we get, but we make a life from what we give." Winston Chruchill

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    I actually wanna see Tara take this thing. Yes she's in the alliance with Dave,keith,and Charla...but after the question that was popped during Pandora's Box for Keith to answer she didn't look too happy "In the end when it all comes down to Charla & Tara who would you pick to win w/you"
    Dave definetly pick Charla over Tara. Plus I think Dave is infatuated w/Charla (if it can't be anymore obvious). Keith basically says he'll pick Charla over Tara "Me and Charla got along well since the 1st. day". So if she wins this all it would be great, who ever the guy may be standing besides her at the end...kinda hard to say

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    looking for a deal on evilBay
    In the beginning...

    I loved the idea of PH, now my dependancy on it is beyond the scope of normal.. thank goodness Survivor starts as PH is ending, to fill the void
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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    My favorite to begin with was Kristin and Beau. I liked Kristin because she was pretty and didn't really say much. I started changing my mind about her a few weeks in the show. I liked Beau up until he left and he would still be my favorite if he was there.
    Now, I guess my favorite is Keith and Charla. Keith is really hot and Charla seems to be really nice. They both play the game really well together.

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    Yoffy lifts a finger... fluff's Avatar
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    There was always something about Kristin that I didn't really like.
    Her comment that the King and Queen should feel like shit |( I think that's what they bleeped out) for getting rid of her made no sense to me either.
    Why the hell should they care?
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    In the beginning, I really liked Amy! I had her pegged as my type....I liked her look, and her attitude of fun and hangin' with the guys. Then she completely lost me with her "Zach on a pedestal" thing.

    I think Tara is the best looking one, now. Of course, I am a legs & ass man, myself, so her skimpy bikini's help.

    I have always liked Scott, out of all the guys. He seems to play pretty straight, and he is from chicago, so he has that going for him.

    Keith did shake things up though, so I give him props for that
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    I quite liked Amy to begin with too.
    I was never overly keen on her belching and the fact that she was so proud of her ability in that area, but I did like the fact that she seemed the type to be going there to have fun.

    I liked Scott to being with, but he strikes me as being incredibly dull now.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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