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Thread: Why do we watch this show?

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    I watch this show because it makes me feel like the smartest person alive. Seriously, these people are as entertaining as hell.
    That's hillarious. I used to do the same thing in college by watching Montel (so you can tell, I'm OLD) or Springer. Nothing is as good a pick-me-up after a botched final as an incestuous couple of twins from Appalachia with only three teeth between them!

    Say. They'd make good PH guests, no?

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    I don't know why I watch this show...I hate these people....yet it is hypnotically addictive.Every week I scream at the televison...wait a minute.I watch it because football season hasn't started yet and I need something on tv to yell at.
    Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.

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    LOL Salty babe yell at yer fiance! LOL
    Actually I think yelling at mindless sheep is a really good hobby and if you jump up and down while you yell its an excellent aerobic workout LOL
    "Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one."

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