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Thread: Tom: Crazy Monkey Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by melpepinla
    You know, I think it is normal for a grown man to have a favorite old stuffed animal. I do think that it is strange that he admits it. But I think he has a sense of humor and is just being silly. Maybe even possibly trying to have the other house guests think he is a loon when he is actually smart and playing the game a bit differently...
    I think it's normal for a guy to admit he has a fav. stuffed animal and what it is(it's name and stuff, etc.)

    I agree with you on everything else, Duxxy...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    Hello, my name is Monkey Boy. I like humping the pillows, dancing by myself, and sleeping with my monkey named Holly. I'm so glad Fox has let me on this show so I can be one of the cool people. They picked Dave insted of me? I'll teach this bunch a thing or two!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delia
    Ladies and Gentleman! I finally have a crush in Paradizzle!!!
    I have 2 crushes. Wait 3.
    Tom is my #1 (Gotta love those eyes! Plus, glasses! Damn!!!!)
    #2 is Smokeyyyyy
    #3 is Keith. Well, he is, THA MAN!

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    How could I have forgotten Smokey!?!

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    I mentioned this in the 8/18 show spoiler thread, but had to mention it in Tom's thread as well. Wasn't the look on his face when Desiree picked him absolutely precious? He was like a little kid in a candy store! Or at the zoo seeing his favorite animal...

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    Did Tom get help??

    the first week i thought he was insane! and now he is perfectly sane.

    what happened to the dancing? talking to smokey?

    i miss that he had me laughing

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    Gotta hand it to Tom for out-Dave-ing Dave with the breakfast in bed for all the girls at PH (on the 08/27 show). I loved the look on Dave's face when he found out ... it was so "why didn't *I* think of that first!"

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    He is weird isn't he.

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    Blame it on Fox editing

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    Yeah, I miss Smokey! Bring back the monkey (and no, I wasn't talking about Zack)!
    R.I.P Willie Dog (?/?/1989-12/17/2004). Gone but never forgotten.

    Welcome Zelda (and a hot of other names)! (Born 08/08/2005, adopted 10/08/2005)

    Also welcome Shasta! (Born ?/?/2004, Adopted 03/??/07)

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