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Thread: 8/04 Recap - "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they're not after me"

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    Great recap. I also noticed the resemblance between Tara and Dave. It's weird, because I think Tara is pretty. Dave on the other hand is NOT pretty. lol

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    super job, Amanda, and thanks for "volunteering" again so soon. : I promise, I'll return those incriminating / embarrassing negatives to you tomorrow.

    This is priceless:
    She then leaves the table, looking not unlike Rocky as she runs up the stairs. Thanks to Toni, I’ve had “Eye of The Tiger” in my head for 16 hours. She better hope I don’t run into her on the street. (I’ll be carrying a stun gun. I’m not foolish enough to try to tackle her unarmed.)
    Now I'm humming Eye of the Tiger . . . just a man and his will to survive . . .
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    Great again Amanda! You have now gained access to the extra special "two-fer" private club

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    Amanda's review

    Amanda, you write very clever and funny material. Keep up the entertaining work!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohiomobprincess

    Great recap. I also noticed the resemblance between Tara and Dave. It's weird, because I think Tara is pretty. Dave on the other hand is NOT pretty. lol
    Or else Dave would make a decent-looking chick?

    Anyway, I wanted to quote some of the best lines, but then I'd have to quote the whole damn thing.
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    Great recap Amanda. With so many Amanda's floating aroung PHo, it isn't surprising that the best recapper also has that name. I laughed out loud several times especially the references to Beau as a math major. Also good was your observation that Tara looks like Dave, which I also noticed 2 weeks ago when Tara decided to become a gangsta. She had the Dave sneer downpat. Please say you'll consider recapping another episode.

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    Are you sure you haven't been to the hotel? Your witty descriptions of these guests is so right on.

    You wouldn't be Host Amanda masquerading as Recap Amanda, would you?

    Superb job!
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    Excellent work, Amanda!

    I loved the crying/stairmaster comment, as well as these gems...

    In fact, the only purpose it seems to serve is that it allows for the requisite bikini-clad ass shot. I think that death and taxes fall one rung below this weekly shot in the “things you can count on” category.
    We watch a montage of Toni’s highlights (and lowlights)...

    And my absolute favorite:
    Amy, prolonging things far longer than they need to be prolonged, walks up to the guys and looks around as if she doesn’t know whom she’ll choose. For the first time I really wish I were a Paradise guest, as it would have been nice to shove her in the back.
    Yeah, let's smack her aound a little!
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    in the words of Toni, "Your Game" is ON,.

    Thanks for the laughter and the tears...

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    thanks for that. hilarious. i'm glad i found this message board. you guys are sheer humour. thanks

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