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Thread: Holly

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    i can't see Playboy being that interested in Holly. She wasn't that popular on the show. As for her looks don't get me wrong she has a good body but not "great". My guess si the only way she gets in playboy is if they have a theme issue liek the girls of reality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fbg_alias
    So any confirmation of Holly doing Playboy? I think she's talented enough.
    Talented enough how? I didn' notice any of her talents besides being a priss at the end and somehow 'expecting' the people she made fun of for god knows how many weeks to be her friend and give her what she convolutedley thinks she deserves?

    I wouldn't have even given her satisfaction of being civil to her or Scott - who BOTH snickered right along with the A-holes when they were there, and as soon as they were gone? They actually expected KTDC to save them? How hypocritical. Beau did the same thing when he got voted off the 2nd time; He returned with a mission to eliminate KDTC, critisizes Dave constantly, acts like a general idiot when all the OGs returned, and then expects Dave to save him...even down to the very end at the actual ceremony - remember him trying to make Dave feel guilty when Dave was making his decision?

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    I agree that Holly and Scott were hypocritical.

    Holly got so angry with Dave for making her an assurance that he had no power at that point to follow through on.

    His comment to her that she wasn't going anywhere was ridiculous and I'd have loved to see her say as much to him.
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