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Thread: 7/30/03 Recap - "Beware of skanks bearing gifts"

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    ( Read: Holly spends most of her day sorting the “Italian Princess” 10K charms from the dollar sign rings. )

    now THAT, my friends, is funny. I "spit taked" (spit-took?) my Jack Daniels across the room when I read that. My hat's off, Miss Amanda.

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    I do think it is funny that Toni (who drove me nuts with the dramatics) was so desperate to get intimate with Scott and he just wanted to be "friends". And - Charla made a pass at him and he also turned her down. None of the girls seemed to appeal to him very much. Then - lo and behold, Holly arrived and ol' Scott perked up big time. Guess she's his type and obviously she is also interested in him. They are the new "couple", but I don't think anyone realizes it yet - or do they?

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