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How are you guys getting that Holly is dumb? I haven't seen or heard enough from her to get that impression just yet. YOu can't go off of the Q&A that got her on the show, because she's trying to get on the show, so she's going to say whatever it takes to get on the show. She did pick Scott for the overnight stay...and Beau is next. I think she's aligning with the most unbiased people in that resort to form an opinion...I wouldn't be surprised if there is footage of her and the concierge talking.
Well I just get a general clueless vibe from her, like she doesn't really know anything that's really going on. But of course she just arrived last week, and she could just not really care about the power struggle between the Inner Circle and the Outsiders. I think the guys and even some of the girls (Alex and Kristin in particular) just see her as a "dumb brunette with nice boobs", but she might end up surprising us all. I don't think that's likely, but it could be possible.

I'm kind of pulling for Holly to join the Outsiders, since I don't like Tara and don't think she's trustworthy.