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Thread: Keith

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    Yeah, I jumped off the Keith band-wagon a while ago. I hope this 15 minutes doesn't increase the swelling of his head anymore. I'm liked the humble, more human Keith a lot better!

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    Keith From Paradise Hotel ROCKS!!!!

    I met Keith at IVAR in Hollywood, he's super friendly and CUTE!!!!

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    My daughter met him last night His brother works at a bar here in Columbus and she was there. She recognized him and her friend approached him. She said he was like "Yeah, I'm Keith" with a 'tude. When asked if he was liveng here in Columbus again, he said "No, I live in Beverly Hills" like he was too good for Columbus now. My daughters friend had on a shirt that said "Cutie" on it and he asked her if her name was Cutie. She told him her name and he said "Your name should be cutie." The daughter told him we watched all the shows together and he told her "Tell your dad I said Hi." She then told he im she was glad he won but thought he shouldn't have split the money. He offered them a drink, but they declined then went on their way. She said there were a bunch of girls around him all night.

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    Yep keith is the best.
    He's like one of the only ones in the hotel who are down to earth and real about everything. They're all freaking out because Zack is gone and they're saying he should of picked someone else, but no matter who he picked somebody would have been upset! so poor keith had no chance!

    Amy's face was priceless when keith walked over to her, 'your f**king kidding me!?', like nobody expected it except Tara and the audience, soo cool.

    I thinking kicking Zack was the best thing he could've done because Zack and Amy were tooooooo popular in their little 'gang' so if he didnt choose Zack then Amy and Zack would've won, no question.

    All hail Keith, master of Paradise Hotel and a man of his word.
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    Is there another site, because the official site keithecuda isn't working (well, in Holland). Please help me!!

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    Or do you have more pics, because Paradise Hotel is currently in Holland on tv. I love Keith so much, his muscular body etc.

    Please, help me.....

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    hey, I'm looking for some new keith info to....any1?

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    Awe too bad I bet no one comes in here anymore. I know Keith Cuda from high school. He want to St. Francis High School (an all male Catholic H.S. in Toledo, Ohio) and I went to another catholic High School in Toledo. I worked as a counselor at camp Storrer with him. Back then he was a curly haired basketball player. I have two pictures I found when I was moving last month of him from back them. They are kinda funny! I wish you could see them better! After H.S. I saw him qorking at Abercrombie and he got A LOT hotter. My best friend's godfather is also Keith's dad. I will have to ask her to get the latest scoop on Keith from him.

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