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Thread: Who Do You Think The Last Couple Will Be?

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    Okay, I may be wrong here, however, wasn't the idea "who could stay at paradise longer"? If I am being fooled by the network again, my choices for last couple standing are Charla and Scott.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oneTVslave
    I think you could be right, Brianna. They are the only two who seem to have a sense of trust between them. All the others seem like they could stab each other in the back at any moment. I wouldn't be surprised if they were the last two standing, unless the producers come up with rules that don't allow them to pick each other.
    Although I have already said that I don't like predicting, especially Fox shows. Their shows have more turns than Mulholland Highway.

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    How crazy would it be if while Scott was turning down Charla, in truth they actually made a pack with each other that no one is aware of and since Scott turns her down, everyone else thinks he doesn't like her. So my prediction would also be for Charla and Scott.

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