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Thread: What guy will leave Paradise Hotel FOREVER?

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    alex or beau

    Quote Originally Posted by ohiomobprincess
    I know everyone wants Zack to go, but he does make the show more interesting. Who would we bash?!? I think Scott or Beau will leave Paradise Hotel FOREVER.
    why is no one betting on Dave going out?
    my bets on alex or beau

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    Anemic Dog
    Quote Originally Posted by luna_chicago
    someone's getting KOOKY!!!

    zack...babysitter...17...too much kook!

    Sorry, guess I got a little out of hand there. Just hit me with a rolled-up newspaper or something.

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    Well, even though tonight's show is over, and this thread's guessing is done, I just came here and read your posts. And Anemic Dog, I just have to tell you the longer post you wrote was hilarious!!!

    Well done! Positively astute & hysterically funny!


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