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Thread: Tara

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    Quote Originally Posted by wm54
    Is it me or the fact the hotties brings the claws out from other women.

    I dunno, but from a guys perspective she is nut boilding hot. Sorry for the frankness but thought you outta know.
    She's cute (not hot), but her personality and attitude leave something to be desired. That's the main reason I don't really like her.
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    On the "junk in the trunk" issue, I'd say Tara's right on the line, but on the proper side of it. For a guy with no special "trunk" preferences, I say she sort of falls at the "appreciate quite a lot now, worry about whether it will actually get to be too big in 10 years" level.

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    I wonder if Holly wanted to slap her last night over the original comment, I was thinking when she said that what does Tara got that's original.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bflysoul
    I wonder if Holly wanted to slap her last night over the original comment, I was thinking when she said that what does Tara got that's original.
    Flashin' her panties that instruct you to kiss her @ss - isn't that original?!

    Or maybe it's that original shade of Barbie pink lip gloss she wears all the time, even though it looks ridiculous

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    Delia, I would have to disagree, the bitch in PH is Amy. Has she forgotten that it's all a game. She should really think about what Zack would be doing if she were the one booted out of the hotel. he would probably be making the moves on Tara or any new girl for that matter.

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    Zack was the one that initiated that hook up with Amanda when they were rooming together. He was the one that kissed her first and he actually had the nerve to deny it...what a dumbass.

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    Tara Gerard Is Hot!!!

    Hey whoelse in here agrees that Tara Gerard is hot?... if you do, I found some more pictures of her on http://www.pimpit.com

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    I like Charla's body

    Man, i love those slender type bodies. She is pretty cute too!!! Definitely, the smartest chick on the show!

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    I thought Tara looked really pretty when they were choosing between her & the other girl to see who would be the next guest. But she hasn't looked good since, IMO.

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    letsgopimp is sooooo right... Tara is absolutely gorgeous.

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