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Thread: 07/22 Show Discussion ** SPOILERS **

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    So, Tara's a little schemer, huh? I was hoping she'd let either Toni or Amy go. Mostly Toni, because she's a nutter. But it's odd that she prayed something would happen so that she could stay with Charla and Amanda and then went and kicked off Amanda. And it was so not because she's attracted to Beau. We all know choosing roommates just means choosing who you have any type of alliance with.

    So far, Charla, Scott, and Dave are the only ones who seem to have graduated past kindergarten behavior. I hope this new guy has just enough immaturity in him to set off Zack

    I can see Zack now: "Why's he the model? My abs are better. Man, he better not try to tell me his abs are hotter than mine. And he didn't even try to get to know me."

    Can't wait to see what Toni gets psycho-bitch-crazy about tonight...

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    So far Scott's the only person in PH who seems mature enough to support himself.

    I used to like Kristin, Amy, and Toni. But now, of, as
    much as I dislike Amanda, I would've gave her a chance to explain herself.

    Kristin: She's slept with over 50 men? What the Hell? Fake boobs? Ick!

    Toni: I never heard Dave made that smart comment, but oh well, she ain't that bad.

    Amy: Ok, if you like Zack for his physical hotness, go to Hell! If you truly like him, then take it sloooow.

    Tara: Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Bitch! Make friends with a person who cheats! Then backstabs one of her closests friends! Fat ass! Hell with you!

    Charla: Used to stab Amanda 'n now make friends with her? Hmmmmm...

    Dave: Hmmmmm...not bad. Hope you didn't make that smart comment.

    Alex: Typical high school inmature graduate.

    Zack: If not for your childhood problems? I would've
    came to PH 'n you would've had your eyes scratched out, broken arm, 'n sprained ankle. Totally rude of you to inslult the nice male model!
    Quit trashin out on Amy! I understand you have issues, but if you're really doin that 'cuz ye hurtin. then fate would have made you strong! Ok, now everyone thinks i'm crazy!

    Beau: You still like Amanda? I mean, you were totally bawling when she left even though she hurt you so bad? You were willing to fight with Alex just over some bitch who hurt you emotionally?

    Amanda: You're willing to cheat on a guy just because he doesn't make you happy? Man, pretty spoiled. You lied to your boyfriend? About the hook-ups? Now if you forgot, then, try to remember clearly next time, but if you truly lied, all I gotta say
    is man, you need help!

    Scott: Ye kwel man! You rock! You're mature! Sexy pecs! Whoo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by holly71
    I bet 'ole f**ktard Zack
    BWAAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAA! holly, you make me laugh almost as much as Yellow Apple

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    Quote Originally Posted by luna_chicago
    Did you guys see how Amy, Toni and Kristin ran to each other and hugged as Tara sent Amanda packing? Charla's face was like "oh great" and I wanted to puke at those three just so happy to remain a clique for another week. Ugh.
    Yeah, ok, that had me and my kitty looked at me like "Hey, that is my job around here!!"

    As much as I LOOOOVE "TT" (Toni) and stick up for her and still want her around, she does drive me batty some times. I was really hoping Tara would go for Zack and boot no-personality ho Kristin. Ah well.

    I still think that Tara did the best thing she could do to stay in the game. As much as she may like Charla and Amanda, she realizes that no one else was really standing up for them (except Beau and Dave) and she would be going with the minority if she chose to kick one of the "gruesome threesome".

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    Quote Originally Posted by melpepinla
    BWAAAAHAAAAAHAAAAAA! holly, you make me laugh almost as much as Yellow Apple

    I am so not worthy of such praise.

    But I'll take it.

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