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The question is why did Fox only put one good looking woman out of 5 on the show to start? And why are so many men picking Toni, are they gay? Men have been trying to pick hot newcomers but Tara and Charla are still the only hot ones there. Why did Tara stab Charla and Amanda in the back knowing the 3 ugly chick alliance hated her? Does Tara want to force out Charla next so she's the only decent looking chick there, and how would that work if the 3 uglies and Charla now all want her out? When was all of this taped, since they obviously don't have a live audience? What the hell is the prize, is Fox ever going to tell us when this show ends or what is supposed to happen?
So many questions unanswered when it comes to this show.

I think Tara may be trying to get in good with the "in" girl group, so she backstabbed Charla and Amanda to make it look like she wanted Amanda gone (after promising Amanda and Charla that they would both still be there next week). At least that's my theory. Plus, she likes Beau anyway, so it was an added bonus that she gets Beau to herself and Amanda gone.