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Thread: Kavita

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    Kavita was boring!! And because the group is all tight with Zack and she got into that tiff with him, why would anyone choose her over any of the other girls (yes, Yellow Apple, even Kissy Kristin )

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    Kavita, don't let the Paradise doors hit you in the a**

    Kavita did not have any strategic thinking going for her. Why pick Scott when he and Toni had a strong pact?

    Her other stupid mistake was throwing herself at that man-ho Zack. It was so damn painful to watch.

    When Hostess Amanda said it was the shortest stay for any guest at PH, what the hell was she talking about? There was only one other new intruder, Dave (ugh).

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    Kavita, member of the Talent Casting Network.


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    I think that Kavita is the most normal guest of Paradise Hotel ever. I mean, you can't stay if you're normal. You have to have some mental problem. I heard that Zack-ass was selling some of the 2000 of his, by the way, Kavita. Unfortunetly, you can't have his whining capabilites or his ability to make himself look like an ass. Sorry.

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