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Thread: Subscription Video

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    Subscription Video

    I have recently checked out the Paradise Hotel website, and Lo and behold--they have extra footage and (I think) streaming video(is it live??) from the bedrooms--for a subscription. It is part of Yahoo's platinum service, which is the same service that allowed you to get extra Survivor 6 footage.

    I doubt I will sign up, but I DID watch the free preview for the Paradise Hotel footage. I HIGHLY recommend checking this out, for sheer hilarity! They have Zack on there going off about how he loves the movie "Pumping Iron" and he talks a lot about working out. I wish there was a smilie that showed a guy smacking his forehead, because that is exactly what I was doing while he was on. That and LMAO!!
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    Has anyobody signed up for it? Because, I really wanna buy it but there's no information at all. Is it live? Is it like the BigBrother live feeds?

    Also, does anybody know until when the show airs? It would be useless to sign up and the show stops in a month or so, IMO.
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