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    It's like the camera reads you the wrong way. Yeah, and I don't know if it's a mixture of people not ... I don't know, and I don't want to throw around a word like "anti-Semitism." I think a lot of viewers don't know my sensibilities or some viewers at least don't get me. Tons of viewers really do get me. But there are viewers out there that, either because I'm Jewish, intelligent or very thoughtful as you suggested, where they didn't necessarily get me and some of my actions.
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    I am sorry, but

    As for this...
    "I've been the dork for all my life," he said. "And now I walk the streets of New York and Boston, and beautiful women talk to me and hug me because they've gotten to know me through television," he said, adding that he had received six e-mailed marriage proposals and two nude photos.
    Absolutely pathetic. None of these women really know him or truly want him. They feel sorry for him. Period. When is he gonna learn?

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    Yet ANOTHER interview with Dave .. This is the interview with him after the reunion with the 4 of them


    There are 2 parts

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