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Thread: Dave

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    FORT Newbie PorkChopPrison's Avatar
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    Well, so much for his pledge not to make an a** of himself!

    On Monday he seemed a little more grounded. Jeez, what a difference a couple of days makes. That conversation at dinner was out of control. Is he trying to be a "player" to be like the other guys at PH?

    Queenie, you're so right. I was trying to think of who he resembled and Cousin Lumpy is it.

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    Dave, Dave, Dave - he did not want to make an a-- of himself but he did anyways.

    Duh! Where did they find him.

    He is not much to look at but he also does not have any personality - that is just plain ugly inside and out.

    Can't wait to see what happens next.

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    He lost me when he said.. the person that he chose for his roommate is not who he likes. I am like.. what are you talking about ? By the way, day trader just means someone who trade stocks a lot. Has nothing to do with being a broker. Dave reminds me of that subway's Jarod guy. I hope he stays because the rest of the guys are just pretty boys with no personality what so ever.

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    I was so disappointed in Dave last night. I wish he had not gotten so drunk and hadn't started spouting dumb comments. He alienated himself and came off as a total a**.

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    His man boobs were off-putting too.

    I think he just wants to stay in the hotel as long as he can and tried to break up the most obvious of the couples.
    I hope they don't all just keep pairing back up each week or the new person will always be getting booted.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    Ok, so he can leave next. You can't leave til you've had a roommate, but he has, so he can be un-chosen and kikced off, is this correct?

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    I hope they all gang up on him and kick his ass out of there! Although he was entertaining to watch for one week, I don't think I could take much more of him.

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    I couldn't take much of him last night, I felt like slapping him a few times,lol

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    Good idea! You slap him while I kick him where it hurts.

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    Since he is the first person from the "outside" joining the cast, I think he thought he was special or something. He had WAY too much to drink and fluff, those man boobs were...lets just say WRONG!!

    Hey JR...could you post the picture that went with the link you posted? My stoopid PC can't see it for some reason. I was at Fenway a month ago and need some help jogging my memory because I thought he was familiar too when he was introduced on Monday...

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