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    Swan~ You go! I totally agree. Amy is the queen of the double wide trailer somewhere in AZ. Do you really think Zack (another tool!!) was that into her? He just wanted a hook up to try to get back onto the show. I wonder how Amy feels now that she knows that Zack sucked face with just about everyone on PH? She wound up with him because she was the only one that didn't see through his B.S. We could have felt bad for her if she wasn't such a jealous beyatch!! She thought she was "all that". It wasn't confidence, it was that delusional reality of self image thing (you know when all the really ugly (from the inside out) people think they are the sh#t??). Did you notice Maxim didn't come calling for her!!

    Sidebar: Can we all agree that Toni should be banned from reality TV. PH was what, like her third show?? She needs to lay off the steroids...she was " 'roid ragin' " the whole time she was there!! Give it up Toni. We don't want to see you on TV anymore. Maybe you could spend some time in charm school!

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    OK I posted this somewhere else on this board, but no one has commented...

    On Amy's interview on 94.9 ZHT (is that pronounced "ZIT"?) Amy says she is a cancer survivor, and that the producers often questioned her about her rough childhood (says she nearly died twice), but never showed any of it on the show. She said their questioning really made her emotionally overwraught. Has anyone else heard anything else about this??

    BTW, the interview is at: http://www.949zht.com/music/interviews/ and the part I'm talking about is in the third segment.

    I mean, I'm not an Amy fan in the least, but if this true, it would certainly explain why she was always on the brink of insanity with all her blow-outs.

    I'm interested in hearing more about all this. Also... if the producers intentionally didn't show all of Amy's confessionals about this subject matter, does this support the theory that they skewed everything towards the Barbies being favored and becoming the ultimate winners??
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    That's a lot to go through in a short life.
    I can see how some of her experiences would make her angry with the world at times, although cancer survivor's I know are all much more laid back.

    I think she generally needs to find a better outlet for her frustration than screaming in the face of or being snotty to anyone who has pissed her off.
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