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Thread: Beau

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    Quote Originally Posted by fluff
    I just don't know if Beau is that intelligent funnygirl.

    I think as soon as Zack was inelligible to return Beau was the one to get back in, act or not.
    He seemed to be in the beginning. Remember? He was the one people went to. Then he had his meltdown with the whole Amanda thing and he hasn't been the same since. Not to mention several people have told him on several different occassions that his "friends" are backstabbing him. I find it hard to believe he can just ignore this. Maybe I'm over-thinking again.

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    anybody want to see something funy, go check out the website that beau works for:


    the message board has turned into the I hate Beau fanclub

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    Well yes, but the people at that site don't seem to see it! Quote: "Regarding Beau: Beau appreciates all of the support he is receiving. Please know that Beau is unable to respond to any comments made on the website and will not be responding until further notice. Anyone that responds as or claims to be Beau is an imposter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlaFan
    anybody want to see something funy, go check out the website that beau works for:


    the message board has turned into the I hate Beau fanclub
    LOL I just tried to check it out but its been shut down. The message reads, "we appreciate all the "support" that Beau is recieving, but........" I wish there was a way to get to Amy. Oooooooh I know exactly what I'd say

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    I went to the message boards, and cannot believe they still refer to those posting as "fans" of Beau...! They were vicious.

    I found that in one of the posts, they gave the url to the AZSidewinders to tryout for a place on the team. (Amy's!)
    Here is what they say:
    A note from the AzSidewinders.com
    This is a form for submitting a dancer's interest in becoming a Sidewinder for the 2004 Arena Football season. Please do not use it for any other type of correspondance, especially regarding former members of the squad. The Rattlers organization is well aware of the fact that a great number of you dislike a certain former member. There is no need to further reiterate these feelings.


    how sad to submarine your real life for 'real'ity tv.

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    I found this little exchange on the Edge's message board - pretty funny:

    "God people! What the hell is wrong with some people these days! Everyone is freakin out over Beau! Just cause he's on tv. So what! That doesn't mean we all need to stock him just cause he's with the edge! It's not like he's gonna notice you and give you 15 minutes of fame! That's all he got! I feel bad for the staff and people at the edge now! they probably have to deal with a lot of s**t just cause some people have no lives and want to be as close to someone who has had 15 minutes of fame! They're probably all depressed! I'm just saying this to all of the people out there that are FREAKS and have no lives.....a word of advice: shut the hell up.....and stop making the edge look like only pysco's listen to it! You're making us all look retarded!! Peace....." Posted by: Rusty Shakleford - September 11, 2003 (5:03 p.m.) -

    and this guy replied:

    "Beau is the one making you all look retarded. The radio station is promoting paradise with references to the show in beaus' bio, along with a blurb at the top of this message board....you reap what you sow...." Posted by: uberyin - September 11, 2003 (8:41 p.m.) -

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    I think Beau has taken over the 'Zach' role, much the same way that Amy took over the Toni role when she got kicked off. Either way he's acting like an idiot

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    I checked out that radio station board myself. What I think is funny is the message at the top about "Beau appreciates the support he's getting" and every message that I saw was "Beau is a dork".
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    you know and I know...
    we need someone really talented to do one of those morphing things...where you take a picture of someone and morph into someone else...

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    beau's being played by the likes of zach, toni and alex.... which is just sad sad sad! What an idiot!

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