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Thread: Charla

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    Here is a Charla fansite for anyone who still likes Charla, lol


    Anyways, this site has alot of good screencaps of the other guests also.. some good ones of Holly, Dave, Tara, Scott, Keith, and even a few of Amy

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    Charla Article

    from: http://www.twincities.com/mld/pioneerpress/7059764.htm

    Posted on Tue, Oct. 21, 2003

    'Paradise Hotel' winner says she's Minnesota Nice
    Pioneer Press

    Everyone thinks the best word to describe Charla Pihlstrom rhymes with "rich." But the winner of "Paradise Hotel" says she's just a nice Minnesota girl.

    Pihlstrom was a contestant on the Fox TV summer show that gathered 11 hot young singles at a luxury hotel. They formed couples and alliances, held kissing contests and practiced backstabbing. As on "Survivor," players could vote one another out of the hotel.

    During the show's dramatic finale Oct. 1, Pihlstrom, of St. Paul, won $250,000. She came out on top after being one of the only original guests to remain in "Paradise," an exotic hotel in a top-secret location (which about.com claims is Acapulco, Mexico).

    Pihlstrom created a stir by opting to keep her winnings for herself instead of splitting them with her former partner, Dave Kerpen.

    Pihlstrom says she wasn't searching for fame or fortune when she joined "Paradise." She auditioned for the show because she thought it would be a good learning experience. "I was like, you're never crazy, you're never different, so do it," she says.

    And a good learning experience it was. "I never appreciated Minnesota before I left and went on the show," she says. She'd never been out of the state or away from her family for more than a couple of days.

    After three months of "Paradise," she came to appreciate her family more than ever. "I feel closer to them now that they know everything about me," she says. "Anything they didn't know, they found out on the show."

    Instead of moving to L.A. and pursuing a career in entertainment like some of her former hotelmates, she says she will remain in her home state and hopes to buy a house, get married and have kids someday. For now, she's working as a waitress, modeling part time and planning to go back to college, using the money she won on the show.

    Despite the real-life soap opera surrounding her for three months, the experience has changed her for the better. "When I was there, I was like, I can't take another week," she recounts. "But I did I made it the whole time. I learned that I'm a strong person, and I think I can handle anything now."
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    charla fansites

    looking for charla fansites-know of any? thanks!

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    did Charla buy implants or is that just a really good push up bra?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CharlaFan
    did Charla buy implants or is that just a really good push up bra?

    Hard to say since we didn't get to see too much of Ms. Charla in her bathing suit.

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    Charla is promoting some calandar on her site that she appeared in and the money raised goes to charity..

    Is she trying to be like Dave? lol

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