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Thread: Zack

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    That comment was classic.

    Someone loves me.
    Yep, thats wonderful Zack, but that someone is Amy

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    "That's Numberwang!"

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    "I got someone who loves me out of this."

    "Yeah, and you can have her, Zackass. Nobody else wants her."

    Oh, man, what I would have given to hear Dave tell him that...
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    Zack says stupidest thing yet

    What the hell was up with Zackass ranting on about Braveheart? I mean, how many stupid things can someone say? He's now Lawyer, Country, Italian, and Scottish?? I dont think so, how about moron!! I must admit, his speech to amy last night did put a smile on my face. It's as if he has been put on T.V. just for me to make fun of. I wonder what the producers are saying about him while there editing the tape.

    I do know one thing.....Zackass seems to think that Keith is trying to take his "freeeeeedom".

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    That was hilarious, I bet if we got the unedited Paradise DVD we'd here him continue on to how Waterworld was the most under rated movie ever

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    Yeah. Zachk's speech didn't ring true, not one word of it. I was so sickened by it that I actually switched over to the football game for a few during that load of hot air.

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    Canadian Chick
    The best part of it is that as he's going on and on about Braveheart (what a loser) Amy just sits there not saying a thing. She was probably thinking what a moron he is, but decided not to say anything, since i'm sure he's her one and only shot at getting a half decent looking guy.

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    Braveheart...does this kid have a clue everytime he opens his mouth something stupid always comes outof it...Nice speach Zack...sorry didn't buy it.-Good try though..comparing his current moments of life to a historical event..who taught this kid to defend and stick up for himself..i guess you can only get a beat down so many times you somewhat learn something.

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    My guess is Zack never heard of William Wallace until the movie. He doesn't speak like a very well educated person.

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    Oh my goodness! I can just imagine Zack as a lawyer.
    'Ladies and Gentleman of the jury. I can prove with out a shadow of a doubt that the defendant was using self defense when he killed (murdered guy's name here). You see, the defendent is Scottish, and all you have to do is watch Braveheart to know that Scottish people only attack when threatened. No more questions." *Zackass slams his briefcase shut and looks very pleased with his work*

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    Hey now, I'm sure the lawyer in Zack wouldn't appreciate you saying that.

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