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Thread: Zack

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    Well he would clearly be an expert then, just like Zackass.

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    I don't know what to think of him anymore. His good bye speech was, I guess, actually nice. I hope he really meant it. He thinks that everyone back at home is really proud of him. I don't think so, not with the way he has been behaving. BUT his good bye speech might get people on his side.

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    bs he was planning that speech from when he first got there. i will just insult everyone then make a speech apologizing for it when i leave.

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    you are right

    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis
    bs he was planning that speech from when he first got there. i will just insult everyone then make a speech apologizing for it when i leave.

    Thanks for your comment. YOu have just knocked some sense into me. Now i can go back to hating zack and Amy. THANK YOU

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    he was so obviously backpeddling. he planned that whole speech while agonizing over looking like an immature fool.
    he was trying to save face, did a pretty good job of it too.
    still don't like him.
    still he did a better job than a certain someone who has an entire staff coaching him what to say and how to say it. i won't mention any names. monkey boy, and i don't mean Tom..."runs" the country. into the ground. but i digress...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Canadian Chick
    I just listened to Zach's radio interview, and I find it funny that he expects people to believe that he really isn't a total loser, that it was just bad editing. Please it's not like they edited the stupid things he said into his mouth. He just feels stupid now because he had a chance to watch himself on t.v. and realizes what a moron he really is

    The scary thing about that, I believe that interview was BEFORE they returned! And he still came back acting that way.

    Must be tough for the editors to pick which stupid Zack moments they want to play -- they can only allow him so much time!! I'm sure they could make a whole summer series with just Zack. Maybe they could make it real challenging, and try to edit it to make it look like Zack's a nice guy!!

    And i'm sorry.. after that monkey face waving his fork in the air -- who needs editing??!! A picture says a thousand words....

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    about the "braveheart" thing.....

    Is he nuts? I think this guy should have duck tape ready whenever he's out in public or in the presence of strangers coz he'll guarantee embarrassing himself when his mouth is wide open...

    And the stupidest thing about the comment is he talks about his Italian, Scottish heritage (ignoring his own "American"-self) but in turn, attacks the DTCK's for being 'bad Americans' (I forget what he said about them exactly) anyway WTF is that? He's the one who's not patriotic for one thing and he is an embarrassment to his fellow 'Americans'! It's himself NOT Charla, Dave, Keith or Tara!

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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis
    bs he was planning that speech from when he first got there. i will just insult everyone then make a speech apologizing for it when i leave.
    Exactly. "I can insult anyone I want and then apologize for it and they have to forgive me, or they'll all look bad." It's a classic defense mechanism. I know because I've used it myself a time or two. The old "just pretend to feel remorse and everyone has to take pity on you and admit what a good person you really are since you've seen the error of your ways."

    And by the way, I have Scottish blood in me but I don't claim the Zackass. The Italians can have him, if they want him.
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    I'm sure his little speech will have cemented his "good guy" status in the minds of his followers at the official site.

    He was clearly doing nothing more than trying to leave on a good note.
    It didn't work Zack.
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    His speech was typically outrageous in its egotism. Somebody should have stood up in the middle of it and told him to shut up. At a table full of egomaniacal morons, Zach was the only one to stand up and give a lengthy self-congratulatory speech. He truly believes he is the smartest, toughest, most feared, most respected person there.

    the funniest thing he said last night, and I'm paraphrasing, was when he said he must be a good guy because Amy loves him. you can walk into a criminal court and find domestic violence victims still in love with their abusers. Just because some pathetic sad sack like Amy "loves" him says little about his own worth.

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