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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellow Apple
    Not a Melanie fan here either. She's not that attractive (she looks older than 30 to me) and doesn't appear to have much personality. But then she could be like Kristin, who as we all know was the Invisible Girl until Zack was kicked off. Then she turned to the Dark Side and became Evil Kristin.
    Actually I think Melanie is quite pretty. Holly of course is threatened but voted her on to try not to look obviously jealous even though she is. Her boy-toy will choose Melanie any day over Holly and I'll bet they've already discussed how he is to act around Holly, they're scheming to have an extra wild card. Melanie already knew during Pandora's box that he didn't mean what he said when asked who would he choose.I'm sad for Holly but they are totally playing the game. Holly's bad for going with the most popular group at the expense of her integrity. You get what you pay for.
    I wish Amanda had pretended to like the Dark Side more to get back on, I used to hate her(forget why) but she was the only returner who had any sense. She didn't even watch the show when she went home while the others probably watched everything on slow mo over and over again, trying to figure out why didn't they love me??!!
    I don't like Melanie anymore, I thought because she wasn't fresh outa high school and spent some time in the real world after the show she'd have more class but was disappointed. When these grown people threaten to hurt each other over a game don't wonder why things like the Holocaust happened, watch PH and figure it out.
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    She'll be there when I'm gone... won't she?
    I never have figured out why Mel lets Amy talk down to her like that. No 30 year old should let some snotty, trash-mouth 21 year old talk to them like that.

    Anyway, I too wanted Amanda to get back on, SweetAsCheryPie. She was the only Original that wasn't filled with anger and hatred toward the Outsiders. She must have told the Outsiders that she didn't want back on, just like Travolta did. Otherwise she would have at least gotten the votes of Keith and Dave.
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