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Thread: Andon

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    Originally posted by Delia
    What kiss advice?

    To choose someone you really like and kiss someone you feel super duper attracted to!

    Sounds like good advice to me!

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    I think the moment Andon heard the rules of the game, he starting playing, just like Toni. He was just chatting up the girls to see how far he could push them and find someone he could align with.

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    Why not? None of the other guys even talked to Charla. But I think Charla will cause a lot of trouble!

    Remember when Toni told Charla to talk to everyone? She was not only coaching her about the game, she was trying to divert Charla's attention from Andon.

    Andon would be smart to, if he has the chance, stay with Toni. But who picks whom is still in question. If Charla gets to choose, I think Toni's going out!

    Poor Andon!

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    Andon is playing an interesting game. Although I think he hurt himself at the end of his date with Charla. She may start to bad mouth him to the other girls if he doesn't do some damage control. And having Toni as his roommate could prove to be a double-edged sword.

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    Andon is an insensitive jerk, but he is a man so I guess that excuses him.

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    Who said Andon was a total jerk?

    I find that he has many attributes: compassion, humor, empathy, gratitude -- and all of those have been expressed from day one.

    So he made one comment to Charla when she was puking, besides, she called him Alex!

    Now as far as Episode 3, he apologizes to Charla, identifies with her, and shares a bonding moment in which she intices him with climbing all over him, pulling her pants down and offering him a little butt shake ! OMG! And Andon shows empathy for Dave. While Dave is creepily watching and judging, not knowing the history of those two and freaking out over whether he can trust Charla and labeling them "ridiculous," his tongue dorkily hanging out of his mouth, FOX wants the audience to believe Charla and Andon "hook up!" I say they went swimming! And Andon also shows the most depth of anyone on the show with his fears and worries reflected in his dreams and Alex's dream, as leading up to this marital kind of bathroom scene he's shown lying pensively all alone on a couch. Why it's simply Shakespearian! LOL!

    And how can anyone forget Andon's zest for life and humor in his reading of Kristen's question?

    Well people, I find Andon to be the most emotionally versatile and compassionate person in the hotel! And he is a guy with a boyish side, and yes, whoever said Toni may be a double edged sword may be right, but I feel Andon ultimately will be betrayed by the great long necked Audrey Hepburnesk actress and drama queen dressed in pink for Dave -- Charla! Oh BTW, she shakes her booty like Audrey never would! Such class!

    And the great Andon quote: To Dave, "It didn't rain until you got to Paradise Hotel! "

    I predict Andon will be the first male checking out of Paradise!

    And I've been wrong before!

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    He's being nice to Charla because he wants to do her.

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    I don't really understannd why he is so worried about getting booted.
    Assuming the selection process is the same as last week, with the guys choosing roomies instead of the girls, if he gets to pick after Dave all he would appear to have to do at this point is select whoever Dave picks.

    I can't see even Charla picking Dave over Andon.
    I would think all the original guys are pretty safe at this point, unless Dave is somehow given a "bye" to stay in the hotel.
    I just can't see anyone picking him.

    If Dave gets to pick last, all the other guys should just make sure no two of them picks the same woman. That way Dave will have to pick someone who has already been chosen by one guy and make her decide.

    Did any of that make sense?
    "That's Numberwang!"

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    If Andon is so nice, then he would comfort Charla and give her a backrub when she was vomiting and asked if he would rub her back:rolleyes

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    Originally posted by JR.
    He's being nice to Charla because he wants to do her.
    Oh! You know this? Do you read minds do you?

    Very funny!

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