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Thread: Meet the Paradise Hotel Guests & info

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    Meet the Paradise Hotel Guests & info

    Go to the FOX website below and see the guests ! The site has polls and pictures and a multi-media page. Cool!

    Paradise Hotel: A Preview and Meeting the Hotel Guests
    by Jeffrey Clinard -- 06/13/2003

    Paradise Hotel begins next Wednesday, when 11 singles enter an exclusive resort. But it's more than that because each week one resident will be tossed and a new person brought in - you could even be that person! Let's get a first look at the show, the first group of people, and the staff and host (right).

    Welcome to Paradise Hotel, the most exclusive resort in the world, and a reality TV show to boot. Eleven single people are staying in Paradise, complete with a hotel staff to take care of their every need. Unfortunately for the guests, paradise can't last forever; each week one of the guests will be forced to leave. However, the number of guests will remain the same, because somebody new will be joining Paradise Hotel - and that somebody could be you!

    Each week, eligible contestants will play a studio game, and the hotel guests will decide which new single joins them at Paradise Hotel. To qualify, you must meet eligibility requirements and fill out the application (which will be available on their web site, www.paradiseonfox.com, when the show premiers on Wednesday, June 18th). Contestants will then play a game, and a new single will enter Paradise Hotel to replace the departing guest. The "object" of the game is to remain in Paradise Hotel as long as possible. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be a prize like Big Brother or Survivor. You just get to be on TV and mingle with the other singles.

    Meet the Hotel Guests

    The first eleven guests in the hotel will be:

    Amanda: This beauty is 22 years old, resides in Miami, Florida, and is employed as a resort concierge.

    Andon: A graphic designer, Andon is 26 years old and hails from Denver, Colorado. He has tattoos on his right arm.

    Amy: This lovely professional cheerleader is 21, and comes from Scottsdale, Arizona.

    Alex: A 21-year-old student, Alex is from Tempe, Arizona.

    Kristen: Kristen is 24, comes from Chandler, Arizona, and works as a hair stylist.

    Beau: Hailing from Scottsdale, Arizona, Beau is a 21-year-old radio D.J.

    Charia: A waitress, Charia is 21 and resides in St. Paul, Minnesota.

    Scott: The eldest male, Scott is 30 and resides in Roselle, Illinois. He works as a stock market day trader.

    Melanie: The eldest female, Melanie is 31, from Santa Monica, California, and works as an importer.

    Zack: Another Scottsdale, Arizona, resident, Zack is 24 and works as a personal trainer

    Toni: From Chicago, Illinois, Toni is 28 and works as a bartender.

    Meet the Staff

    Fox's web site reveals three of the staff members; Kirk the Bartender, Alejandro the Head Waiter, and George the Waiter, but doesn't provide much in the way of information about any of them..

    Meet the Host

    The host of the show is Amanda Byram, U.K. television personality. She has previously hosted "Ireland AM," the country's first morning TV show, and then hosted Big Breakfast.

    Airtimes and Subscription Video

    Paradise Hotel airs on Mondays and Wednesdays on 9/8c. Mondays feature footage of the hotel guests, while Wednesdays will feature the eviction of one hotel guest and the games which will bring a new guest into the hotel. Subscription video will be available to bring uncut footage and other material not aired on Fox. Fox will also be opening up polls and message boards on their web site. Show recaps will be featured right here on RealityNewsOnline.

    Jeffrey Clinard lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his cats, Lam and Princess. He can be reached at jclinard@earthlink.net.



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    ok, give me Kristen, Charla and Toni. I'll die a happy man!!!!!!

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    Originally posted by joeguy
    ok, give me Kristen, Charla and Toni. I'll die a happy man!!!!!!
    A hair stylist, waitress and bartender. Hmmmm, what do you have in mind, joeguy?

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