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Thread: 8/10 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by dagwood
    I have no clue. I hope she at least had a book or something. That would get awful boring.
    I don't think they get to read books when they are on these shows. The whole producer trick is to get contestants sleep deprived, very bored, and usually drunk. It brings out the "best" in people...at least the producers version of the "best"
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    You got a point, Kaicee.

    So, did he ever tell her his real name?
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    The 2 most disturbing words...

    I have to say that if I never hear the words "journey" and "adventure" again it may just be too soon! I am struck by how 'out of their element' these women/girls were and the fools they made themselves out to be sometimes. I would not care who you put in front of me to date as long as I received the money Mr. V. Dale probably received!! Oh and his mom's house was completely breath-taking!!

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    Yes Nat won. Thank goodness Mar was in it to just win. She kept repeating that she was going to win. But Nat is in it for love. She kept saying she wanted to be with Jack.

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    Marissa was spooky!!!!Evil oh ya!! Nat was a much better choice.
    You know it's 2004 when the happy ending shows the couple riding off into the sunset on a.......Monster Catamaran instead of a horse!! Let the whoopee commence!!

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    i am so happy that he picked nat. i found mar. to be a big witch

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    Are they going to give any follow- up information on Vadim and Natalie??

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    I hope I don't hear "strong connection" or "stronger connection" for a very long time...

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadian_bunny
    Jacks a scumbag if he picked Marissa, but since he picked Natalie he isn't?? .
    Something like that, yep. He made the right choice.
    Nat's supposed to be moving to California so I'm not sure if they're still together or not.

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    I knew it...on these types of shows, the sweet innoncent 'princess' always wins. And I root for them everytime Best to both Nat and Jack.
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