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Thread: 8/10 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by KaiCee
    I am such a romantic...I think that maybe Natalie and Vadim will make it. I know, I know...reality tv show contestant relationships don't last. But with this one, Vadim didn't pick the hottest, prettiest lady of the bunch. Natalie is cute...but there were cuter girls. He picked for some other reason. Who knows? Maybe love? (hey, I can hope...can't I?). And Natalie didn't fall for him right away (in other words...go into ga ga mode). I loved how her nose crinkled when she smiled. Okay...I loved this ending. I didn't really have a favorite (except I didn't like Marissa too much) but I am happy Natalie won. I hope they make it...
    I'm with you Kaicee. It was so refreshing to see a guy choose someone for more than hotness. As for Vadim kissing Marissa--what was he supposed to do? Push her away? (He did in the water!!!) It's a dating show, for heavens sake. The Bachelor/ette can't ignore all but the chosen one. A fact that creates awkward situations, but is just the nature of the beast. In a pre-finale interview, Vadim states that one of the reasons reality show romances don't work is because of how upsetting it is for the finale girl/guy to watch the other dates. He says that the girl he chose knows that before her was the show, and now there is only her.

    As for his "heart and soul" comment to Marissa, I agree that was kind of low. However, I do wonder how much he was contractually obligated to say. I am reminded of how Meredith told Matthew she would love a ring from him. Both comments were extremely misleading--if not cruel--and seemed out of character for the person who said them.

    I respect all your dissenting opinions, but am personally thrilled with the outcome. I love Nat and Jack and wish them lasting passion and goofy happiness!!!!

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    I watched the show twice, and I did not hear him say that to her about her having his heart and soul.
    I wish I had taped it so I could go back and hear it again.
    I think some of you might have misunderstood what he said. Perfectly understandable with his accent.
    I think he might have said something about HER heart and soul, but, I did not hear him say she had HIS heart and soul. I hope they broadcast it again, I sure would be listening closely to hear what exactly was said.
    I don't understand the Visa problem. He already has a contract to do movies or tv. I would think that his visa would be automaticlly extended.
    At least that is how it is done in my area for the foreign hockey players.
    They have to apply each year, but, none have ever been turned down.
    If you have a contract, you get a work visa.
    Maybe the writers just don't know how it works.
    He may have to go back to Aussie Land to apply, but, there probably won't be any problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JasmineThePup
    I watched the show twice, and I did not hear him say that to her about her having his heart and soul.
    I wish I had taped it so I could go back and hear it again.
    I do have it recorded so here's a completely amateur transcript:

    Jack: From day one, you caught my eye. On many occasions that we spent together I felt a connection with you. You captured my heart and my soul. You know that by standing here now you mean the world to me. I struggled through out this adventure occasionally with what I thought your intentions were, but as this journey went on I think you made it pretty obvious and clear that your intentions were me. This decision today was the hardest choice that I had to make. And obviously there can only be one, and today that decision has gone to someone else. I know the girl you are, that you will be brave, you will be strong, as you have been throughout this whole adventure and forever. You have place in my heart.

    Marissa: I want you to be happy, okay?

    Jack: Eventually I will be, okay. You take care.

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    I'm a bit late to the party, having been out of town for 3 weeks, but just had to stop in here to comment.

    Outback Jack has been a real surprising pleasure for me this summer, the only show I look forward to more is Big Brother. I'm kind of sad it's over.

    But I'm very elated by the ending. From the beginning of this series I never thought Natalie would last in the Outback. I warmed up to her more each episode, and so did Vadim apparently. I had to keep changing my favorite, as Vadim kept eliminating them.

    By the time we were down to the final 4, I was just praying for anybody to win but Marissa. Natalie is so sweet and genuine. Marissa always seemed so fake to me. When Vadim's Mom called her "aristocratic", I just figured that was her polite term for "snobbish."

    As someone else mentioned, I saw a look in Vadim's eyes during this episode when he was talking to Nat that I had never seen before, and I kind of thought, "Aha! He really has developed feelings for someone." Up till then he had seemed equally fond of all of them.

    Vadim has come across as an absolutely lovely man, far superior to most of the men who are rounded up for reality shows. I hope he and his Princess will be very happy together.

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    I was reading the fans' questions for Jack on the TBS site. On 2 occasions, Jack mentioned that he wished he could reveal something about why he didn't choose Maria. I copied one if the questions:

    "Jack, you said you were having a hard time trusting Marissa, yet why did you choose her over Maria? Were you having a hard time trusting Maria too?" (Melissa from Plattsburgh, NY)
    If only you knew. I wish I could tell ya, kiddo.

    Does anyone have any thoughts/ideas or even know what he might be talking about?

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    I too am late to the party but I totally agree with everything QBoots said. I am ecstatic that he picked Natalie over Marissa. I am no fan of Marissa but her "cheekiness" was borderline rude and, as time wore on, obnoxious. I agree with many of you that posted how Jack claims Marissa has his "heart and soul" and how hot and heavy he got with Marissa then he dumps her, I can only say that most of his goodbye speeches are scripted (IMO) and he was trying to give the illusion he's keeping her without actually picking her. (did that even make sense?) Plus, Marissa was hot! I am sure Jack was physically attracted to her, but there is so much more to a relationship than JUST sparks in the pants. When it came down to it, that probably was all he saw in Marissa.

    Anyway, there was a moment where Natalie and Jack sat fireside and he made that speech about wanting someone he can pamper. I noticed in that moment, it was not so much what he said, but how he looked at Natalie and seemed to be trying to tell her something he could not disclose just yet. Meaning, he was trying to tell her that she was the one for him without giving it totally away. (I felt she had it won once he gave her his necklace. That is so symbolic and he didn't give anything like that to anyone else.) I truly believe that the editing throughout the whole show was EXCELLENT and had us seeing chemistry with Marissa and just friendship with Natalie. I would like to see all the edits of the chemistry with Natalie. Yay for Natalie and Jack!

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    Shellie, I've read a few different theories on that question and am curious myself. I've thought it could be that he already knew he was going to select Nat and so didn't want to have 2 close friends together as the final two so he wouldn't hurt Maria more or jepardize their friendship. I've also read that there might have been an "indiscretion" of Maria with one of the crew members that led to his monogamous question and her elimination. All speculation of course, but interesting none the less!

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    Some Questions Jack answered about each of the girls.. that I wonder what you guys think of them too..

    About Natalie

    "Why did you give your necklace to Natalie?" (Jamie from Oakhurst, CA)
    Because she asked for it!

    About Maria

    "Were Maria's strong sexual advances and her constant criticism of Marissa a factor in her being cut?" (Kimberly from Pecks Mill, WV)
    No, Maria was a darling. I wish I could explain.

    About Marissa

    "Every woman on this adventure has been on Marissa because she's not a team player. Has this actually increased your feelings for Marissa, knowing that she is only there to be with you and not the other women?" (Sandi from Redding, CA)
    I always stand up for the underdog, so yes.

    "What is it about Marissa that has you so intrigued with her that makes you feel she may be the one?" (Susana)
    Did you watch the show?

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    Very interesting! Where did you read about the potential tryst with the camera guy? I wouldn't doubt it! Maybe that's why when Jack asked her the question about being monogamous to him, she didn't just say "of course I would be!", but said instead that she didn't like that question. I thought her response to that was so odd and evasive, but maybe it had more to do with something we didn't even know about...like the camera guy! Hmmm....!

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