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Thread: 8/3 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I am missing a lot of this, is Maria drunk?

    Jack just said this is Marissa's last chance to prove to him that she is there for him. So for it seems awkward, no talking. She is coming off as a stalker to me, so is Maria. The more Marissa talks the more insincere she comes off and seems like she is just saying what he wants to hear.

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    Natalie and Maria were just talking bad about Marissa and she was standing there hearing it all. Good job!

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    Video time!!!

    Maria - Maria hates spiders, not so great at math,

    Marissa - Independant minded girl, brave, mind of her own, sister loves her

    Natalie - Mom loves her, she is very loud, can laugh at herself which she needs to do very often, went in her closet tons of clothes...Only child

    What a cop out for videos, I was expecting it to be bad. Eliminations coming up...

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    Jacks mom thinks Maria is the best looking, Natalie isn't Jack's type and Marissa is very "aristocratic." Jack likes Natalie more and more, thinks Maria has been the same since day 1 and trusts her and believes everything she says. He has a problem with whether or not Marissa is real.

    Girls give a "plea" to Jack:

    Maria tells Jack that one of the girls isn't doing it for the right things and lies about so many things. Wouldn't mind if Jack ended up with Natalie but would be better than ending up with marissa. Maria then gives him a long kiss on the lips and goes.

    Marissa says she feels an amazing energy between them. Sits on his lap :rolleyes She is trying to hard, its pathetic really. Jack called her on changing characters. good job Jack, and she spews more BS. She then gets Maria's sloppy seconds.

    Natalie says they have good chemistry, when with Jack she is excited and treats her like a Queen. Since Day 1 he says Natalie has grown on him. It sounds like he is dumping her right now though...

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    shoot, I'm missing it
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    Natalie - I care about you all "a ton"...I would love it if you could continue on this jurrrney with me

    I hate commercials!

    You can really tell Jack is broken up over this one

    Marissa - You know how I feel about you, unfortunately I have to make a decision, on these adventures time is of the essence. But I would ask if you would continue on this jurrney with me :phhht

    Maria - She's crying...You are so special to me, please undertand that and I hate having to do this. Jack is even crying now.

    That was a sad ending, sucks to see her go she was starting to pull out front as a favourite for me. From what Jack just said about "his heart belongs to someone else" I think he already made up his mind and its Natalie.

    As for next week season finale time. Marissa keeps getting more and more fake. Natalie seems to be falling for him more though and it looks genuine.

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    What a dumbass? Is it possible he is Jesse Palmer's (The bachelor) Australian cousin???.

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    I am glad he kept Marissa and Natalie. (I left to go exercise, sorry Clipse ) I think the main reason Maria went bye bye was both times he was alone with her she wanted to talk about the other girls. I wanted to smack her when she was making her plea and mostly slammed Marissa. Not cool.

    Then there was the date...told his mom she wanted to wear white, and on the date if he wanted too she would have stripped down and done the deed.

    While I am still rooting for Marissa, I wouldn't be upset if he picked Natalie. Although, I don't see Natalie lasting in the outback.

    And, where can I find my own Jack? I want a guy that wants to pamper me. I am sick of being independant.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Teppo
    What a dumbass? Is it possible he is Jesse Palmer's (The bachelor) Australian cousin???.
    LMAO, thanks for the good laugh

    I think he is going to end up picking Natalie or at least I hope he does. Count me as one who finds Marissa fake and I would have sent her packing awhile back

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    i agree, i prefer natalie as well

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