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Thread: Meri-de's Video Interview

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    [QUOTE=aname]I agree with paragraphs 1. But, I take some exception to 2. I think the reason no one likes her is because she is his favorite. Since they made their opinion of her obvious ever since she came back after being sick (they thought she was faking to get his attention - pretty hard to do when the symptoms are easy to check), she is reacting to their dislike and being aloof and cool toward them. I am afraid I might react the same way if I was treated as they have treated her. QUOTE]

    You may be right aname, I didn't like the way they treated her after the heatstroke either but even J.D. said that everyone's pretty much the way they come across on the tube.
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    I think her being nasty after coming back is from being voted off by her peers. I wouldnt be so nice either if I were voted off by the others. However she was getting on my nerves with some of the things she was doing, but I like her because shes not backstabbing as the others were.

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    Yeah, the others have been nasty to her since the heat stroke, but her animosity just got worse after they voted her off. I think some of her troubling flare-ups have been a sort of "I'll show them attitude" that have not endeared her to viewers or the other girls, and annoy Jack. It is a sign of her immaturity in the face of opposition.

    If Vadim/Jack really wants her, he is going to have his hands full taming that wild streak of hers. But, you know, maybe that is a challenge to him - he likes wild things. She may just fit right into his life. For his sake, I hope so.

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    I reckon it is true about Marissa being a golddigger, because she wants everything not only that i reckon she wants Jack for money and she even wants her own way with everything.

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    Does "Jack" have money?

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    Good question Teppo!

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