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Thread: Who Will Be Jack's Pick?

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    I see your point chucksmiles, you are absolutely right!!!!! so i guess he's prpably gonna pick her instead of Marissa. (I HOPE), IF IT'S NOT GONNA B ADRIENNE THEN IT MIGHT AS WELL BE HER (Natalie)...

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    Adrienne has been out for weeks.. and she and Jack never had any connection. Marissa and Natalie both are much better than Adrienne. She wasnt even his type.

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    Vadim on ET tonite

    Vadim will be on ET tonite and also Extra. Check out this ET article and be sure to click on the video link to the left of the interview. excellent. et interview

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    Quote Originally Posted by pajamasam
    Vadim will be on ET tonite and also Extra. Check out this ET article and be sure to click on the video link to the left of the interview. excellent. et interview
    Jack was very good at giving us no idea of who he picked. And he also stated that someone was very upset at an elimination. I think that must be Cortney.

    So, what are the qualities of the woman who finally captured his heart? "Obviously, you've got to have a connection," Marissa & Natalie he says. "You gotta be able to laugh. Natalie I've got to be able to trust that person. Natalie And most of all, there's got to be some sort of passion between the two of you -- that helps! Marissa And that is all there." You've got me
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    I have a feeling that he will pick Natalie for several reasons:
    1. The editing has tried very hard to make Marissa the bad girl and make it appear there is a connection between Nat and Jack. Bad girls rarely (try never) win in these "set-up" shows.
    2. Jack is afraid of his feelings for Marissa and feels Natalie is "safe" - "he trusts her".
    3. Even though he is fearless among wild animals, he is very sensitive and afraid of getting his heart broken. Something he fears with Marissa. And, because his feelings for Nat do not run too deep (more of a friendly rather than passionate feeling), his heart will be safe.

    However, reasons why he shouldn't pick Natalie and should pick Marissa:
    1. Poor Natalie. If he picks her it will be because he is afraid of getting hurt by Marissa and Natalie would be safe. How would you feel being the safe bet - second choice in this scenario. The only way Natalie wouldn't feel leary of that is if she totally missed his yearning looks and obvious preference for Marissa. Of course, being a rather dim bulb, she may have missed it all. The rest of the ladies certainly didn't.

    2. If he opts for the easy out and safe bet - he's a super wuss and I'll throw a paper ball at the TV and yell at him.

    3. He should go with his heart and try it with Marissa. A broken heart can heal, but he may lose a real chance at love if he allows his fear to make the decision. Who knows, she may be the love of his life and he might be a good influence on her and able to soften her rough edges. She is more compatible and athletic and would adapt better to his type of lifestyle. They would have a more partnership type of relationship. With Natalie - their lifestyles and preferences are way too different.

    I am getting my paper ball ready!

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    Awesome post aname, your posts are always awesome bte, love to read them on the Bach. And I have to agree with all your points, but I still want it to be Nat. I like her!! She's sweet, and they're cut together, lol that's all I need.
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    My opinion

    I think that he picks Natalie because:
    He wants a girl that he can laugh with and I have not seen any with Marrisa.

    He wants a girl he can trust, He goes in one episode from not trusting Marrisa to trusting (I don't believe it)

    the episode that Marissa came back, did you see the look of disgust on his face when she was acting so childish at the table.

    He wants one he has a connection with. He calls her princess, he gives her his necklace, and I think that there is a yearning look in his eyes. but can't pursue because of the show.

    It is way to obvious that Marrisa is the favorite

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    I think you might have something there. I wasn't buying any other explanations as to why he would pick Natalie. He does have a nickname for her, and he gave her that might have me convinced! The obvious connection between them has probably been edited. I'm not crazy about either of the girls, as I think he is deserving of so much more than they could probably offer him. He's one in a billion in my book.

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    I agree - neither girl would be my choice for him, but its his choice not ours. However, I still think of the two, Marissa is better - only because he has more attraction toward her. Besides, Natalie is such a bimbo - please! Outside of Mary, she would have been my last choice for him. He deserves better than either, but obviously his taste is in his ass. Personally, my favorite was Courtney - sweet, athletic, good sport, easy going, and attractive. Actually, I wouldn't have even minded Maria - at least they had a physical attraction. But - Natalie . . sorry, I just can't seem them together in any fashion other than a brother/sister friendship. NO CHEMISTRY AT ALL - whether they have edited it out or not. I still think if he picks her it will be because it is the "safe" choice, not any real love connection.

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    Natalie is not Jack's type.. He even said she was complete opposite of him, and opposites some time attract, but even with that I think he knows he has a connection with Marissa and like it or not, there is chemistry there. Having a pet name and giving a necklace is something you do for a sister too.. and I think their relationship is more of a brother/sister love. Marissa doesnt have to make the first move to get a kiss from him.. he really is into her.

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