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Thread: 7/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Meri-De - goes bye bye. That sucks...I still wish it had been Maria

    Natalie - by default gets to stay. We must have comic relief in the Outback.
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    Maria - She's staying, I was wrong...is becoming more of a stalker every segment of the show
    Marissa - Concerned about her intentions, but she is staying
    Meri-de - Please stay, please stay Dammit! She is leaving
    Natalie - Is obviously staying

    I started rooting for Meri-de, I think he made the wrong choice. Now I think Natalie is going to win. Marissa lost a lot of points with me tonight.

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    Danger Bunny
    One horse, two girls.

    Meri-De - "You've done me proud and the girls have accepted you", "Unfortunetly sweetheart, I'm going to have to let you go."

    Meri-De crys.

    Natalie - "Princess". "you've opened yourself up to me". "You're very special to me, you can cock a leg over a horse and continue this journey with me".

    The girls saddle up.

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    Next week they meet Jack's mom and JD pulls out a video of each of the girls. I hope its not a 'Porked and Beans' story all over again.

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    Danger Bunny
    All the girls get a chance to talk smak about the other girls. Jack doesn't know who he's going to pick.

    Next week, the girls meet Jack's Mom and there is some video that shows something that went on that no one knows about.

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    OK...vadim/jack is so absolutely hard to read (or the editing is misleading...duh, right?). I can see why JD guessed wrong every week, too! I really thought Meri-di would be one of the final 2. Marissa was being such a pain above and beyond just the *itchy factor. Jack seems too smart for that. I guess this just proves even the best (cutest, sweetest, down-to-earth, hottest...I just live Jack!) men can't pass up a hottie, despite her demeanor.

    I am really excited about next week...just as I was saying I don't care anymore, the previews came on and it looks really good! :

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    Those speaches he gives when he is doing an elimination have to be written for him - there is no way he is just talking. He even pauses every phrase like somebody is feeding him a line a time... I looked very carefully to try and see if I could spot an earphone, but I couldn't see one.

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    I thought the funniest lines were delivered by Maria and Meri-De...Maria's slam about Marissa's inability to find the croc's willy and Meri-De's statement that guys would have at least bought her dinner before she was expected to play with their willy.

    Marissa is not being edited favorably but Jack hasn't caught on yet. If the women meet his Mom next week (missed the previews because my husband switched to Stargate Atlantis) and something negative is revealed, most likely about Marissa, then her Most Favored Woman status will get blown out of the water. The fact that Maria is campaigning for WWE diva makes her appear as if she has not won. I too can understand why JD didn't guess right any week on elimination.
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    My opinions on last nights show:

    Marissa: It's the first time she was also on my nerves, but seeing her actions in the group dynamic and then alone with Jack or any of the girls, I think she has been told to stir the pot. At least she makes her comments infront of the other girls, they are the ones that talk behind her back. When she is alone with Jack she is very sweet and he is obviously into her. He told her he was hers before she was voted off and from their actions last night I think it is hers again.

    Maria: Totally clueless. Thinks Jack spends time with Marissa because he feels sorry for her!!!! Thinks they were having a bad time back at camp!!! She again pulled the most horrid facial expressions during the elimination and the meek and mild talk with Jack before elimination was very different than the words and expression she uses otherwise.

    Natalie: Still the cutest and funniest, but too young. She's 21 and enjoying the experience but can't really see the chemistry. Jack is like a big brother, unless they are editing the heck out of it, but I can't see Jack getting his kicks with Marissa and then picking Nat, she won't go for it. I also disliked how Nat wouldn't tell Marissa about the necklace last night, that was catty on her part. It wasn't a big story, she just wanted oneupmanship, but it made her look catty.

    Just my opinion, can't wait for next week!

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    Just when I was really getting to like Meri-De, she gets the boot -- I with most of the others here, I thought it would be Maria. I still find myself rooting for Natalie; she can be whiny, but I still think she's hilarious. I'm not as prissy as Natalie, but I still would not have been excited about chopping off a fingernail so that I could insert my finger into a croc! Besides, Marissa has such an attitude, and Maria is a little scary/clingy. Wonder what the tapes will reveal next week....

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