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Thread: New meaning

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    New meaning

    This show gives a whole new meaning to "continuing this journey"

    I think all other reality show contestants must immediately be banned from saying it, unless the sky dive, canoe, jeep or camel to their dates...


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    That's very true! They really do go on a journey - their camps are always at different locations... and they have to lug all their clothes & makeup around in backpacks...
    Yeah, I think from now on, they should do The Bachelor a little differently... Have the girls move to a different house every day, and have to drag all their luggage along... no limos - make them take public transit (ha! ha!) - (if they use the word "journey"!)

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    Yeah and dont forget the ride they had on their donkeys .. I do love this show, and it is by far the best show I have viewed so far. I think that "Jack" is so genuine, not to mention cute . And these girls being spoiled and used to having convential things are really learning how to make it without material items, well except for Mary, who wont take a flat iron or blow dryer for granted anymore. The twists are interesting too, enough to keep you curious and anxious for the next show.

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