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Thread: Thoughts on the show

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    Me too Berries.. That article was great and she was the same there as I have been seeing her own the show. Very catty... but to the point. I really wished Adrienne would had been there when she came back.. that would had been priceless to see.

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    for some reason I think Meri-De might just be the last woman standing. I think Jack's attraction to Meri-De was a lot more sudden than the other ladies, and that overall they are better suited for each other because she's an athletic sporty type, which I think he does admire despite his fondness for his "originals".

    It would be something of a Average Joe ending where the "model" gets picked instead of the original cast in the end for Jack to end up with Meri-de, but you know, she has survived, what, 3 eliminations so far, and unlike the rest of the ladies there, she had nothing to do with voting Marissa off in the first place.

    Just a theory. Or rather a hope, as I really would rather it not be so very predictable as to have Marissa come back just like Linda from Joe Millionaire Two and walk off with the cowboy at the end of the show.
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