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Thread: What's the Twist?

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    What's the Twist?

    Sounds like Marissa will be back. Doe's anyone know about the twist?
    Nothing on previews? Sounds interesting.
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    J.D. said before the show ended last night. You have been voted Out.. not Off.. or something like that.. That in Austrialla she was the Boomerang.. You throw them Out and they Come Back. Told her to wave at the girls as they were leaving. Just not sure how they are going to bring Marissa back. Next week's episode was about competing with other girls and if they lose, the other girl takes their place in the journey. Can't wait to view it already.. This show is very interesting with all its twists and turns.

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    I'm liking this show too.....
    It has more twists than FLOM!! All they need to do now is throw some money into the mix!

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