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Thread: Natalie

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    Danger Bunny - I totally agree. I am sure that is why he eliminated Cortney when he did. He wasnt feeling too much of anything with any of them but wanted to protect her more. He really is a good guy. I think that he probably was going to ditch Maria then, (remember he switched who he was going to eliminate at the last minute and the girl never knew how close she came to getting the ax after episode 5) but had a change of heart for protective reasons.

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    I've been trying to figure out which girl it was ever since I read about the changing his mind thing... I thought it was Natalie for some reason...!?

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    I like Natalie, I think she is the only one who grown a lot since the beginning of the show..and I can see that she really likes Jack In my ideal dream result, Jack will be with Natalie...but I think he will end up with Marissa..please..

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    i think she is the funnies and the nicest one of them all. I am so happy that Jack chose her

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