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Thread: Aussie Lingo

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    Aussie Lingo

    When hanging out with Jack in the Outback, it's important for the girls to understand Australian slang. The following are some terms Jack may throw around during the show.

    Any tic of the clock - very soon.

    Back of Bourke - a very long way away.

    Barney - An argument or fight.

    Battler - someone working hard and only just making a living.

    Bloke - man, guy.

    Bludger - lazy person, layabout, somebody who always relies on other people to do things or lend him things.

    Beano - A festivity, celebration.

    Bonza - Excellent, attractive, pleasing.

    Champers - Champagne

    Cheesed off - very annoyed.

    Chin wag - A chat, conversation.

    Cobber - A mate, friend.

    Come a gutser - make a bad mistake, have an accident.

    Crack onto (someone) - To hit on someone, pursue someone romantically.

    Dag - a funny person, nerd, goof.

    Drongo - Slow-witted or stupid person.

    Earbash - Someone who talks too much.

    Easy on - a request for someone to calm down in a heated moment.

    Fair dinkum - true, genuine.

    Figjam - Nickname for people who have a high opinion of themselves.

    Full as a Boot - Intoxicated

    Good onya - good for you, well done.

    Grouse - Very good.

    Home and hosed - used to indicate that something has been completed successfully and easily.

    Hooroo - Goodbye

    It's Gone Walkabout - it's lost, can't be found.
    Kangaroos loose in the top paddock - Intellectually inadequate.

    Knocker - somebody who criticizes.

    London to a brick - absolute certainty.

    Mad as a Cut Snake - Crazy

    Molly dook - a natural left handed person.

    Mug - friendly insult ("have a go, yer mug"), gullible person.

    No-hoper - somebody who'll never do well .

    Nong - A fool, an idiot.

    Not the full quid - not bright intellectually.

    Ocker - an unsophisticated person.

    Old chook - a disliked and interfering woman.

    Pig's arse! - I don't agree with you.

    Pommy shower - using deodorant instead of taking a shower.

    Quick smart - straight away, in a hurry.

    Make a Quid - earn a living.

    Rapt - pleased, delighted.

    Road train - big truck with many trailers.
    Seppo - An American.

    She'll Be Apples - It'll be all right.

    Shoot through - to leave.

    Spit the Dummy - Get very upset over something.

    Sprung - caught doing something wrong.

    Station - a big farm/grazing property.

    Tall poppies - successful people.

    To Have a Lend of - to take advantage of somebody's gullibility, to have someone on.

    Up yourself - having a large ego.

    Useful as an ashtray on a motorbike - unhelpful or incompetent person or thing.

    Wowser - straight-laced person, prude, puritan, spoilsport.

    Yabber - talk (a lot).

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    You're too funny John.

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    I wonder if any of those Bonza Knockers will make Jack Come a Gutser? bad malibupam. Couldn't help myself.

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    Most of these women are FIGJAMS!!!!

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    And I think London to a brick that Mary's an ocker!
    (...sorry, I'm just bored at work!)

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