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Thread: 6/22 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    The show was a hoot, but I can't say that I liked his choices. Choosing Mary? What was he thinking of. *slaps head* Oh yeah, I forgot, her major attributes. ;-))))))

    OK, he says she's funny and he loved the embarrassing song. We'll see.

    ...although with all those attitudes and faces Summer was making, I can't really blame him for wanting to drown her in that river but when she had her little pleading session, I thought she seemed pretty good. Go figure.

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    I laughed hysterically when they started playing "Land Down Under" as the theme song for this show. Those of us who can remember when Men At Work was really super popular in the early to mid 1980s heard that song thousands of times I think. Makes me long for a vegemite sandwich. Ok, not really, as I've heard that tastes terrible.
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    I loved this show! It's going to be a great summer watching this hunk and laughing at these prissy women! What a hoot to see them walking through the outback in gowns and heels (at least at first, before they changed into sneaks). Boy were they fooled!! Personally, if it wasn't for the hottie, I'd have been out of there when I saw all the bugs! YUCK! I hate that he got rid of Summer and did notice that he got rid of almost all the brunettes! I feel the same way about Mary especially the lame song and her hair looked the worst without all the added products and tools but I don't have a favorite yet. Can't wait for next week! Great show!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaypasa2
    The show was a hoot, but I can't say that I liked his choices. Choosing Mary? What was he thinking of. *slaps head* Oh yeah, I forgot, her major attributes. ;-))))))

    As an indepth, long term researcher into the twin titanic mounds of fantasy fun flesh, I can say that Mary does not have major attributes. All she has is a spoiled brat attitude.
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    He didn't really have reasons for why he was letting the girls go, but from what I can tell, the more brunette they are the more likely they are to leave. The only exceptions were Adrienne (who could kick people's butts) and Natasha, who quit anyway, he kept the blonder and fairer versions. Maybe it's an Australian thing with Elle MacPherson, Olivia Newton-John, Nicole Kidman, and Portia De Rossi (of Ally McBeal or Arrested Development) as Australian beauties. So when Summer and Mary were the final two, you just knew who was going home....

    I thought this show was pure entertainment. It's like a bunch of Jessica Simpson's in the outback. It's funny.

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    Loved the show - even my husband got a good yuck watching those silly little girls.

    Agree- Vadim is a cutie pie - handsome (not pretty), charming, and took real good care of the little princesses. Good thing he has medical knowledge. He'll need it.

    Agree- He obviously prefers blonds!

    Agree- Mary is trailer trash and homely compared to the other girls, but I doubt he has seen her face yet.

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    This is the first reality show my husband actually enjoyed - we will definitely have to keep watching, very entertaining.

    After choosing Mary though - you've got to wonder - is this guy blind in one eye and can't see out of the other?

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    Great show - I'll definitely keep watching.

    Vadim was much better looking than his photos. Are his eyes really blue? I need to get my TV fixed, I thought they were brown.

    I thought Laura was just stunning, but I guess the outback life just isn't her thing.

    And I don't think Scary Mary's boobs like each other very much. They seem to stay as far away from each other as possible. (Mine only act like that when I'm lying down. )

    Had to put my sunglasses on when they were all pleading their case to him, due to the blinding lip gloss.

    Haven't decided who I'm cheering for yet, but certainly not Mary.
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    Saltwater Crocs

    [QUOTE=MalibuPam]My question: I DO watch the Crocodile Hunter. If I recall correctly, the saltwater crocs are the nasty ones. The freshwater crocs are much smaller, and not such a big deal. So, why did "Jack" have to do that big manly "watch out for saltwater crocs" demonstration in the middle of the outback? Are they not in the middle of the continent?


    The saltwater crocodile can be found in the northern parts of Australia and in Asia. They can swim hundreds of kilometres.

    Saltwater crocodiles live around coastal areas and in rivers, swamps and estrays.

    They can be pretty much found anywhere up North. So you take your chances wherever you decide to swim.


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    Thanks for the info. I was also a little confused when he said "salt water", as I presumed them to be many miles from any salt water.

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