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Thread: J.D. Roberto, Host

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    Fair enough, LG. If they're going to put themselves on TV and then tune into the peanut gallery, I guess they've got to be ready to take their lumps. I'm certainly not going to stop dissing Marissa (it is too much fun to give up). I'm just the kind of person who likes to play nice (which is why I'm rooting for Cortney and dissing Marissa.)

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    Holds hand UP !! Pick me . Did they make JD Roberts change his name to the more respectable "John Roberts" when he became the CBS White House correspondant because of you? Do people get you two mixed up?

    I know you probably never mooned the camera.

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    In terms of 'Do people on reality shows read these things', I guess the answer is 'sometimes'. it depends on my time and my curiosity level. when you put yourself out on TV you know that some people are going to like you and some people are going to hate you and that's just how it is. so I don't take it personally when I read something bad on the net or elsewhere. I do the same thing when I watch a show...i sit there and scream 'what a bonehead' about somebody not knowing if they're a bonehead or not, of course , and never thinking of them as a real person. i agree with the 'fair game' comment but then again, we're ALL fair game...some of us are just a little easier to target

    as for your timeline question: the show was shot in 4 weeks (not 8) so what you're seeing is pretty much a real representation of how things unfolded. it's hard to 'cheat' the timeline when you have girls coming and going, etc etc.

    more later!
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    The "fair game" comment is part of our site rules. As for "'Do people on reality shows read these things" Yes they do. We have many ex-reality people/ family who are members here and stick around to comment.
    As a Host ,you shouldn't take it personally as you didn't write the crap that comes out of your mouth. It's quite unlike a contestant who has way more input into their prime time performances.

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    hey JD, you rock!

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    Actually, I DID write some of it. It's hard to strike a balance between getting the information out there, filling the role of 'doomsayer host' and sound like me. Very tricky balance that is almost impossible to achieve.

    In answer to the name question, I'm JD Roberto, with an 'O' not an 'S' at the end....Italian, not English and, I'm ashamed to admit, I don't know the other guy you're talking about.

    Now, for show stuff. I am interested in knowing (in 15 words or less) who you think is going to win and why. I tried to guess the whole damn 4 weeks and was wrong at almost every elimination.

    Also, without getting myself in trouble, what do you want to know about the production!?

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    My guess is Marissa, because she seemed to have the best connection w/ Jack, but was ousted by the others.

    How much manipulation was there by the producers of Jack's choices at elimination...was be encouraged to keep certain women for entertainment value alone?
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    Hi JD,

    Ah, now four weeks makes much more sense (don't know where I got the eight. Were there four weeks of set up maybe?) Too bad for you though--I'm guessing you could've used that time at the swim-up bar.

    I don't have a clue who is going to win, I'm just hoping it's not Marissa. (I think Jack's a nice guy and deserves a nicer girl.) But that's what makes it fun to keep watching. That, and it makes me . (This is the first reality TV show I've watched, but I'm guessing the others are nowhere near this funny.)

    Good Q Psucashcow--I was wondering the same thing. I don't know if JD can answer it though without incurring The Wrath of the Reality TV Gods

    p.s. I honestly didn't think there was anything wrong with what comes out of your mouth, JD--perhaps they were refering to Are You Hot? which seems to be haunting you.
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    Okay, now you can believe this or not but there was NO coaching of Jack on who to keep and who to get rid of. The only discussions producers would have with Jack about eliminations was what order he'd call them up in (for dramatic effect and because the camera guys needed to know who to focus on).

    Here's a thing to think about in terms of all reality TV. If you cast it well, you get all these seperate, distinct 'characters'. Once you go out and shoot the show, you know a) who wins and b) how each person comes off on camera and you can start building your story AFTER the show is show (in editing). So if you need to build up X person as the nice girl, you use ONLY her nice sound bites, or if you need to highlight the conflict between B and C girl you show only the nasty looks between them but maybe not the late night heart ot heart they have.

    We actually did very little of this kind of thing because the characters and stories worked out so perfectly for us. Not naming names or anything but the girls are represented pretty much just exactly as they behaved in the Outback. Certain characteristics may be highlighted, etc but there's almost no manipulation of the story on the part of the editors (which is 50% great casting and producing and 50% sheer luck cause you just NEVER know how it's going to play out until you're there).

    And - by the way- I've seen a few posts that people thought Marissa was gonna be the boomerang girl because the producers wanted to keep her in the game....not at all true. There was going to be a boomerang girl since long before the show was even cast. The episodes are designed and the twists in place LONG before the girls are cast. If it had been Maria or Cortney they'd STILL be coming back. Again, in this case, it worked out with really delicious irony and drama...but that's good fortune and good twist design - not some sinister plot to keep one person in the game.

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    Good to know, JD. The boomerang girl was a good idea, because chances were the girl eliminated by the others would be the favourite and/or "bitch." Guess the luck came in because in this case she was both.

    I suspected he might've been encouraged to keep Mary in the game just because she was such a character. But when he said goodbye to her this week it was evident he genuinely liked her. She took it very graciously, I was impressed. And I thought it was kinda sweet how you gave her a pat on the back (proving you're not such a doomsayer after all.)

    Here's a Q I'm sure you can answer: what do you do with the girls once they are "sent home"? Obviously they're not sent straight home or you wouldn't be able to keep it secret who was eliminated when...?
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