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Thread: Vadim Dale, the Bachelor

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    ....still trying to figure out Jack-Vadim. (maybe i should make this easier and consolidate it into one word--'Vack' or 'Jadim' )


    i think he is very what's-the-word, enigmatic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kat007
    Hey Mozzz,

    Wouldn't it be funny if "bananas" could really dance like that?
    I hate when my 'banana' starts dancing like that - like it's saying "Look at me! Look at me!"

    Quite embarrassing, really.

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    You just gotta love bananas!!!

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    Wow guys...all this talk about "bananas"...I'm suddenly craving a banana split...LOL...especially when I think about Jack's/Vadim's ... (and yeah, littlemess23, what's up with that?! Why are they calling him Jack?!). I think we need to find that underwear ad for the absolute proof of his claim to not be able to use the banana hammock! I read that he was only 16 when he did that underwear ad (with them around his ankles), and despite my hesitation to see it once I heard how young he was....I'm still trying to find it!!!

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    You'll be disappointed either way, Shellie. The article says the bits were obscured with a big bad black blob on the billboard.

    (I just can't get enough of the dancing banana. It cracks me up.)
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    Kat...I know, but don't you think that the size of the blob might give us a clue?! LOL...I still really wanna see that ad! I have a really really good imagination!!!

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    I have to add last thoughts about this guy. There is no question that Vadim Dale is a very handsome and charming man. But, his behavior last night (and for the last few episodes, but especially last night) disturbed me. For such a supposedly honorable man, if he was so in "love" with Natalie, why did he lead Marissa on with all the hot and heavy necking, etc., especially at the end when it was just the two girls left. He has said he is a one man woman and so monogamous, but that didn't seem to be the case. I know editing has a great deal to do with how we perceive things in these shows, but the intensity of the passion between Vadim/Jack and Marissa would be hard to fake. Then at the end, he told her she was his heart and soul, but he had chosen another and dumped her. He went to Natalie told her she was his choice and then strolled to the boat, right by Marissa as if she were just a casual observer to their happiness instead of a woman who he had just been hurt badly. She was so stunned, she said she was numb. She had that "deer in the headlights" reaction - so stunned you can't react and try to pull yourself away like it isn't happening.

    I am very disappointed in him, more so than even a disappointment in the conclusion of the show. I was pulling for Marissa because I can relate to her. When I was a young woman, I experienced many of the same reactions from other women when men were around. I was also a non-reactor. I hid my hurt and anger in aloofness and sometimes sarcasm. It didn't mean I was cold and unfeeling. Marissa was treated very unfairly on this show by everyone and I feel for her. I just hope she can get over it, move on and fall madly, passionately in love with someone who appreciates her specialness.

    I also hope Vadim and Natalie find happiness together if that is in the cards. Somehow I doubt it. They have many things working against them. They have nothing in common, she is very young and immature, he is controlling (likes to be in charge) and she might get quite tired of that as time goes by, she doesn't appear to have a brain in her head (this might be editing), she is probably not as needy as she appears and may be more independent later on (spelling doom for a man who likes dependent women). Who knows how it will all work out. But, I wish both of them the best. If they don't find love together, may they find their soulmates somewhere in the world.

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    I agree totally with your post Aname. I don't understand why he led her own to believe there was something with them. All the make out sessions they had and than select someone who I thought was more of a sister to him. I was glad Marissa didnt cry or get all weepy like Maria did. She is a very tough girl and I think she keeps feelings inside and not really let others get close to her, because shes probably been hurt and disappointed before. Walking in front of her to get on the boat, was pretty lame of TBS to do. Jack didnt even act like the gentleman that was concerned for others feelings, like he had been so protective of all of the ladies before. I was very disappointed in how it ended. I do wish Jack and Nat all the best, because with no common ground they will surely need it!

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    Hey Vadim, if I told you you had a great body...would you hold it against me
    What's the Great Conjunction? You tell me!

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    This sounds familiar, all this disappointment in Vadim for leading Marissa on - reminds me of the Bachelorette with Matthew and Meredith - no one seem to have much sympathy for Matthew....I just can't seem to find it in my heart to feel bad for Marissa, she seemed to be quite full of herself, I think she got what she deserved. She's a strong person, she'll get over it. Its nice to see a man (Vadim) think with his heart and head instead of other body parts like some guys do.

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