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Thread: Vadim Dale, the Bachelor

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    I have one question kat - are you and Peter still together?

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    For a second there, I thought: Peter?? Who is Qboots talking about? So I guess the answer is no. We went our seperate ways sometime after the elk incident, but not because of it. He was a nice guy, just not very handy in close encounters of the antlered kind...

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    I hope I didn't get too personal, but the elk story was great!

    Back to Vadim: do you think he'll stay in the Outback after the show is over, or go off to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune?

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    I read somewhere that he did move to Hollywood. God, I hope not! If it's true, I doubt it was for fame and fortune, though. He's not the type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    I hope I didn't get too personal, but the elk story was great!
    Nope. After all, I'm the one who posted a personal anecdote to begin with. I was just going "who the heck is Peter?" for a second before I remembered I had just posted a personal anecdote about a guy named Peter. That's how over we are. Glad you liked the story.

    As for Vadim, I read he was in LA for the people magazine shoot and promo interviews, but I can't see him actually moving to Hollywood. For starters, he takes care of his mother back in Oz, who, as was mentionned, sustained serious injuries after falling out of a window. One of the reasons he was very reluctant to do the shoot was he was worried about being away from home for eight weeks. Also, if he can't stand getting cleaned up in Perth, how is he going to endure being made over in Tinseltown? (Although Russell Crowe manages to live on a ranch in the wilds of Australia and still be a movie star...Hmmm.) Vadim does, however, have management. So who knows what his future holds? Good luck to him. He deserves it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rckymtnangelika
    I read somewhere that he did move to Hollywood. God, I hope not! If it's true, I doubt it was for fame and fortune, though. He's not the type.
    Why else would someone go to Hollywood?

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    June 28, 2004, 1:30PM

    'Outback Jack' says g'day, mates, on TBS
    Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

    TBS Very Funny that's how the network, home to reruns of Seinfeld, Friends and Sex and the City, bills itself these days. So a Bachelor-like romance/relationship show seems out of place.

    Australian Vadim Dale is the star of TBS' Outback Jack, sort of a cross between The Bachelor and Survivor.
    But Outback Jack, an eight-episode series premiering at 8 p.m. June 22, is not typical, though it starts out that way. Twelve pampered American beauties, dressed in evening gowns, show up at a Los Angeles mansion thinking it will be their home for the duration. Instead, they are whisked away to the Australian Outback and, near flight's end, told they will have to skydive to meet bachelor Jack.

    That's just the beginning of the surprises. They will live in a million-acre wilderness park that is home to oversize insects, snakes, crocodiles and other beasties.

    Prepare yourself for high-pitched squeals as the ladies come in contact with big bugs. TBS Very Funny, indeed.

    Fortunately for the girls, Jack is no beast. His name is Vadim Dale, a 28-year-old Aussie proficient in swimming, judo, karate, soccer, horseback riding, skydiving, whitewater rafting, mountain climbing and trail-bike racing. He is also charming, good-looking and, based on the clips TBS provided, makes women swoon.

    At least initially, Dale was a reluctant participant on the show. A friend submitted his name and biography for consideration, and producers liked what they read.

    "I said no the first few times," Dale said from his room in a Los Angeles hotel. "I just wasn't sure how I'd be exposed on the TV and was a bit concerned about 12 girls in the outback and how it would look with me. I'm a monogamous sort of bloke and like to commit to one person."

    Vadim says "it's not my nature" to go around kissing every girl in sight and he didn't for Outback Jack.

    "There was a connection between me and a few of the girls, but I definitely didn't kiss everyone," he said.

    Outback Jack sounds like a cross between The Bachelor and Survivor, with a little bit of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie's The Simple Life thrown in.

    One element of The Bachelor that's carried though here is the elimination of players.

    "That really hurt me," said Dale. "My nature is to accept people into my life. The show is really about making connections and pushing people away. So that was very hard for me and very emotional and I soaked up a few times throughout the show. But look, we all understood before we got into this show how everything was meant to eventuate. You just kind of accepted that and you got on with it."

    Why isn't Dale in a relationship already?

    "Look, I've been very busy over the last 10 years. I haven't been in a relationship for over 2 1/2 years. I'm not into one-night stands. I've just had family dramas, people passing away. I've lost most of my family. And I've had to commit to work 12 hours a day, running a building site as a foreman, and it would have been unfair for me to commit into a relationship I couldn't give my full heart and soul to."

    Dale's brother died of a heart attack, his father succumbed to cancer and his mother "fell out of a third-story window and put herself into a coma for 2 1/2 months. That kind of put the brakes on everything in life for about 10 years. You don't get to choose your destiny. You just have to accept it and do the best you can and hopefully come out the other side a better person."

    He and his mom share a home in Sorrento, south of Melbourne. "She suffered severe head injuries and broke nearly every bone in her body," said Dale. Today "she's almost as good as can be after an accident like that. She's a tough woman."

    Doing the show, which finished taping in early May, was a growing experience for him, Dale said.

    As for romance, "Obviously, I end up with someone at the end of the show," he said.

    A true love?

    "I wouldn't say I've found 'true love.' I obviously need to spend a little more time with the final girl. Due to contracts and things like that, we can't see each other until after the show airs. I'd say there's love in the air and I was surprised by the outcome."

    The show is creating a buzz in Australia, where it will air after concluding here. Turns out Dale has experienced publicity before. According to one Melbourne publication, he posed for an underwear ad with the undies around his ankles.

    Asked about it, Dale said: "A friend of my mother's owned an advertising agency and asked if I wanted to audition for an underpants ad. I said, 'Look, why not?' So I went to the audition and I got the job and I didn't quite realize the exposure the job was going to get. I was only 16. I had no idea what was going on.

    "And in six months to a year after I actually shot the billboard, it came out. I was quite surprised. It created a bit of controversy but the family dramas started happening around that time, so I left all that behind."

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    He said he was surprised by the outcome - now that is intriguing and could mean anything.

    What a horrible time this poor man has had for the last 10 years. No wonder he is so mature for such a young guy. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger the saying goes. But, it can also make you bitter and self pitying. It appears that Vadim has handled his grief and problems with maturity and strength. I guess with death so near, he has chosen to live his life to fullest which explains his quest for adventure. I like him even better knowing his story.

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    Fans of the Bachelor series who aren't watching Outback Jack are really missing out. Vadim is the best "prize" guy in one of these types of shows yet. He really is quite attractive inside and out.

    And darn it all if it isn't interesting tv to boot.
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    I agree, LG! At first, I thought this show was pretty phony, and I probably would have continued to think that with a different "Jack"... (if he had been the typical 'player' who had been macking on all the girls...) But I think what's been making this one of my favorite shows is just Vadim's personality... he's definitely unique!

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