ESPN Answers Call of 'Wild' in Prime Time

Fri Jun 6, 3:27 AM ET
By Andrew Wallenstein

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - As if the CBS reality show "Survivor" didn't seem dangerous enough, a new prime-time ESPN series will put a more rigorous spin on outdoor adventure.

The cable sports network has ordered 13 episodes of "The Wild Rules," which plants a dozen hardy souls in the forests of British Columbia without food or water and only such supplies as fish hooks and axes.

Two teams of six -- each comprising fishing, hunting and military experts -- will compete in a race that will award one contestant $100,000.

"There won't be any prefabricated obstacle courses created by production companies," coordinating producer Dan Bowen said. "This is a raw nature experience where Mother Nature is the boss."

"Wild Rules" will premiere Sept. 8 as part of ESPN's prime-time outdoor-oriented block. Two other new series will join the block, "Totally Hooked" and "Off-Shore Adventures."

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter