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Thread: My 600 Pound Life (TLC)

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    Re: My 600 Pound Life (TLC)

    Well I'd bet Sean will never enjoy a normal relationship with a woman. I just dont get enablers, especially parents. People are saying directly how they're killing their adult kids and they still don't get it. Usually, I try to watch for a happy ending, but OMG I was yelling at the TV. I was so engrossed in Sean's story, I fast forwarded Brittani's story.
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    Re: My 600 Pound Life (TLC)

    ^^^ I'm sure you're right about Sean's odds of having a normal relationship. At this point, his odds aren't even good to have a normal life.

    A number of years ago, there were some specials on (I think) TLC or Discovery titled something like, "Half Ton Dad" and "Half Ton Teen." I used to jokingly refer to them as the "New Years Resolution Specials" because they always seemed to air them around the beginning of the year. The young man who was the teen in question had a super dysfunctional relationship with his mother. Sean's relationship with his mom reminded me of them. They were even on Oprah, or one of her specials, and I remember a psychologist saying that they needed to get that mother away from her son because SHE was the main problem. It was so disturbing. She'd almost infantilized him, fattening him up to the point of immobility and dependency so he couldn't ever leave her.....except, of course, if he died from obesity-related illness. It was really twisted.

    As I think someone else mentioned, Brittani's husband should be Dr. Now's patient too. It seems to be a theme that often the parent/spouse/significant other is also obese, just not as big as their loved one. I'm always particularly sad when the children are obese. Those kids didn't do that to themselves: it's the fault of the parents. They're setting their children up for a life of health issues and self-esteem problems and just a harder life. That one man who was on Skin Tight (is that what it's called? The skin removal show they piggyback on this one) this week had two very large children and it broke my heart. I hope that his dedication to a healthier lifestyle can help his children too.

    I always wonder if Dr. Now actually says anything to the loved ones about losing weight themselves. The odds of weight loss success increase dramatically when the whole family is living and eating healthily.
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    Re: My 600 Pound Life (TLC)

    Critical, I watched the Half Ton Teen and you are spot on. I think he did lose some weight and can get around but that mother!
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