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Thread: Outdaughtered - TLC

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    Re: Outdaughtered - TLC

    The TTouching LLittle CChildren network seems to be making another kHate G type show exploiting another set of kids that will have major issues like the poor G kids.

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    Re: Outdaughtered - TLC

    Quote Originally Posted by jeanne View Post
    Danielle and Adam are definitely a Type B and Type A personalities. Adam's type A tries to do and control everything while the more he does the more Danielle doesn't have to do and worry about.

    This can be a real threat to a marriage. It's so easy for B to allow A to do everything and worry about everything. A's doing it but resentful of B getting to enjoy the sunshine.

    They need some counseling now early on before it all goes South.
    I don't think it's so cut and dried. Danielle was the one who pushed for a bigger house than Adam thought they could afford. She was also the one who pushed for the gym ownership. So I'd say she is as equally responsible in their decisions.
    And I think Danielle and her sisters expect a lot of childcare from their mother. Especially last year. That was nuts! When they all went on vacay and it seemed as though Danielle was expecting Grandma to do a lot of care. But she was on vacation too.
    All that being said it seems to me they are all close and pitch in to help each other out. I never watch Kate plus 8 but Adam and Danielle do impress me. I couldn't do it lol.
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